gone campin'

Suttle Lake... here we come! We're all packed and ready to go camp at one of my most favorite places on Earth, and I've been waiting all year for this trip! (We reserve these spots in February, it gets a little intense and we get creative). This will be Taylor's 3rd camping trip and I know he's more than excited to play in the dirt, catch bugs, throw rocks in the water and maybe take a ride in Cousin Ryan's boat! We'll take lots of pictures and I'll share some when we get home. We'll be back Monday.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!!


let's talk...

...about how you can win some cool new cards from lemon drop studio. All you have to do is click right here and BAM, you're at the giveaway post. Just leave a comment and then BAM again, you're entered into the giveaway. Lucky you, lucky, lucky you.

Thanks and as Taylor would say 'ciao'.


my kid's rash...

I feel so sorry for my munchkin... check out his reaction from his antibiotic. It's worse today, the pictures are from yesterday morning. My poor kiddo!!


hope cards...

I have a few of my 'hope' cards done... go check them out on lemon drop's blog or on my etsy site. I will be posting more sets of cards soon, as well as individual cards for those who do not want a set.



scared of dark towels...

I may never shower again. That just may be my solution to my scary experience this morning. Will you guys still hang out with me if I stink?!

I was getting a towel off the towel rack after my shower a few minutes ago and I reached for my favorite towel - a big, soft, fluffy dark brown towel. But then, what jumps on to me from the towel, you ask? Well, it wasn't something I liked being on me. It was a big, fat, HAIRY spider. Ewwww. Now, usually I am not a baby about spiders, but when I am naked and freshly clean, a spider is not what I want on me, at all! I hate that brown towel now. I hate it.

The spider is dead, by the way.

That is all.


a great cause

Dear Friends, Family and Blogging Pals,

My dear and sweet friend Skye Weadick will be running the San Francisco Marathon in October and is running with a great team to help raise money for The Leukemia + Lymphoma Society in honor of one of her teammates, Amy Bartlett, a cancer survivor who chose hope. You can read her story here.

To help raise funds and do my part, because Lord knows I cannot run, I will be creating a new line of 'hope' cards to help Skye raise funds for this wonderful cause. I am donating 50% of the proceeds that the hope cards bring in to Skye's fundraising efforts. Please stay tuned within the next few days to check them out. I will be selling them individually or in sets from my other blog or on my
etsy site.

I would love to see this fundraising campaign succeed - so please help me spread the word! If you would like to contribute in other ways, please contact me to find out how!

Again, check back in a few days to see the new hope line!

neglected ladies...

How can I not do a post for 2 of the most important, inspiring, lovely and awesome ladies in my life?? I missed 2 birthdays last Friday, August 8th, and am going to pretend like that didn't happen and do it now. Please forgive me girls - you know I love you more than I should, but that's how I tend to love people. :) And I still think it's amazing that these 2 girls that I am so close to and mean so much to me and my family happen to have the same birthday, it's silly! Anyway...

Jen, Jenny, Ninny, Jennifer, Jenny on the Block...
Happy, Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend that I have known since I was 2 or 3, I love you with all my heart, and have always looked up to you, always. (Even though I am way taller than you now). And even though when we would sing The Bangles and Debbie Gibson together you insisted I was only back-up and you were the lead... (which was probably for the best!). I followed you around like a lost puppy and you put up with that! And you taught me how to love a garage sale, even when we can't do one on our own because we get swindled by a lady on speed... every memory of you is a lovely one and I am so lucky we met! Happy late birthday, sweet girl, I love you more than I could ever say!

Summer, Summy, Sis, Sister, Sissy Poo, Summers, Hot Stuff...
Happy birthday to YOU, the most wonderful lady in my life! Marrying Trask not only gave me a hot husband and mother-in-law, it gave me an older sister that I have always wanted, and a very best friend to tell anything and everything to (even the things you don't want to really hear)! I am positive you have gotten me through a lot of hard times and you've always been my support, and my source of entertainment. I love you more than you know I should! I wish you nothing but joy and peace and FUN this year - thank you for being my sister and partner in crime and in non-criminal activities. (I love that we're both too scared to cross the road unless we're at a crosswalk that tells us it's safe!! - that's just how we roll - safely).

Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (late) Jen and Summer,I love both of you girls way too much to ever understand or explain.

Hugs and Kisses and Squeezes and Pinches!
Shauna, Sho Sho, Sho, Sissy, Butt Face and more

he's here!

Congratulations to Zach and Rachelle on the birth of their first child, little Isaiah Goude, born last night, August 12th at 6:09 PM, weighing in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces and measuring 21 inches long!

Trask, Taylor and I wish the sweet and wonderful Goude Family all the happiness and joy in the world, and we can't wait to meet the precious little dude in person!

Congratulations, again, you guys are the very best and we love you all!


button flowers and lusting about buttons

One of my favorite blogs that I stalk quite often, One More Moore, featured some button flowers on it ages ago, along with a little tutorial - and now I am addicted to making button flowers.

I have always been a little crazy about buttons, especially ones from the UK's BigFish on etsy, she's my favorite, so it was perfect to find a project to use my buttons on, rather than just sit and stare at them in their jars and dream of filling up an old claw foot tub with them and swimming in them while listening to Michael Bolton.

So, I have been doing flower buttons. If anyone wants any made, let me know. I am making some for our friend Ildi for her daughter's birthday party decorations... so any excuse to make more puts a smile on my face! And gives me more reasons to buy more buttons from Kirsty at BigFish!

the coolest

So I really like the expensive stuff, I guess. And not on purpose, mind you. I'm no snot, I just happen to like things that happen to be out of my price range! So... that's okay when you have a mom like mine and my determination.

The Land of Nod, a wonderful store that I lust over on-line a lot had a comforter that I wanted for Taylor. I am putting a picture of it below so you can lust over it too. I love it because it's not 'little boy' and it's generic, so I can add fun pillows or whatever and it's easy to find things that match and compliment it. Anyway... I had to have it, and didn't want to pay that much, plus it's going on Tay's toddler bed, so it'd be too big.

Solution? Cut the picture out of the catalog and send to my mom, and then BAM, it's made! And it's made well! She made it as a heavy duvet, so in the winter I can jam some heavy blanket in there for him, and in the summer it's just perfect for the warm weather at night. And wait... mom spent $20 all together for all the materials. Isn't that almost saintly? (Is that a word!?). So I am now posting a picture of Taylor's version for your viewing pleasure. The whole other side is that sky blue, so fun!

Now I need to find a few ukuleles and old license plates to hang on his wall and some other fun ideas I have in the works. Stay tuned!!

And, Thank You Mom!!


apology from a sick slacker

Hi Ladies and Gents, Cats and Dogs... I hope this post finds you doing, well, better than me. :) I don't know what my deal is, but summer colds love me, nay, adore me, and every time I am almost done with one, another new one comes traipsing in. I must have a sweet body for a germ to live in. That's comforting.

So anyway, me being sick is my excuse for a lot of things, including my lack of posts and pictures, SparkPeople, email communication, etsy, card making, and the like. I am just worn out, folks. My little guy has been fighting lots of bugs, too, and seems to have a comfy germ body like his momma. We're persevering though, we are troupers.

I have been reading a little bit. I just finished 'Sammy's Hill' by Kristin Gore (Al Gore's hilarious daughter) and I really enjoyed it, a lot. It was a chick-lit, easy read with a splashing of politics (even though I am not a politics sort of gal). Now I am reading 'The Pilot's Wife' by Anita Shreve and it's not such an easy read, just really sad, but Oprah recommended it, so it must be good, right?!

Trask's work is going really well and it's keeping him out of trouble, to my knowledge, so no complaints. He has a review coming up next week, so we'll see what that brings.

I did pick up Taylor's new bifocals today and he seems to be doing pretty well with them so far. He did spend the 20 minutes while his lenses were being cut doing 'bug-calls' and bug hunting. That entailed getting under every chair and person and calling 'buuuuug? buuuuuug!' over and over. He didn't find any, and that was a relief.

We also went to pick up some used books from a Craigslist ad. I found 5 Mercer Mayer 'Little Critter' books for $4,so I was really excited because I grew up reading these books and I adore them. I keep trying to show Taylor the hidden grasshopper and spider on every page, but he's not into it as much as I am - yet.

Anyway, back to playing with the kiddo. Having a head full of snot has been a kick in the pants, I am pretending like I am on all of these hardcore street drugs, just for excitement. (In reality, I am too scared to even take cough syrup! pathetic!).

Coughs and hacks,


Happy Birthday Jaime!!

{picture borrowed from facebook}

Today is my friend Jaime's 25th birthday, and I just love her so, so much! I never get to see her as much as I want to, but I think about her tons and love her just the same. I may think about her too much, and I know that creeps her out! We met in high school and became really close junior year and everything I did, I wanted Jaime with me. Two of my most favorite things about Jaime: she's so genuine and has the kindest heart of anyone I know, and second, she can tell it like it is, and she creates wonderfully fun swear-word combinations! When I am around her, I always laugh.

So... Jaime... if you're not too busy being an awesome vet-student and have a second to read my blog, you'll know that I am wishing you A VERY VERY HAPPY, WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!! I love you tons and hope that today is full of everything that makes you happy and that this year brings you nothing but joy and laughter.

I love you, Jaime Jewel!!