apology from a sick slacker

Hi Ladies and Gents, Cats and Dogs... I hope this post finds you doing, well, better than me. :) I don't know what my deal is, but summer colds love me, nay, adore me, and every time I am almost done with one, another new one comes traipsing in. I must have a sweet body for a germ to live in. That's comforting.

So anyway, me being sick is my excuse for a lot of things, including my lack of posts and pictures, SparkPeople, email communication, etsy, card making, and the like. I am just worn out, folks. My little guy has been fighting lots of bugs, too, and seems to have a comfy germ body like his momma. We're persevering though, we are troupers.

I have been reading a little bit. I just finished 'Sammy's Hill' by Kristin Gore (Al Gore's hilarious daughter) and I really enjoyed it, a lot. It was a chick-lit, easy read with a splashing of politics (even though I am not a politics sort of gal). Now I am reading 'The Pilot's Wife' by Anita Shreve and it's not such an easy read, just really sad, but Oprah recommended it, so it must be good, right?!

Trask's work is going really well and it's keeping him out of trouble, to my knowledge, so no complaints. He has a review coming up next week, so we'll see what that brings.

I did pick up Taylor's new bifocals today and he seems to be doing pretty well with them so far. He did spend the 20 minutes while his lenses were being cut doing 'bug-calls' and bug hunting. That entailed getting under every chair and person and calling 'buuuuug? buuuuuug!' over and over. He didn't find any, and that was a relief.

We also went to pick up some used books from a Craigslist ad. I found 5 Mercer Mayer 'Little Critter' books for $4,so I was really excited because I grew up reading these books and I adore them. I keep trying to show Taylor the hidden grasshopper and spider on every page, but he's not into it as much as I am - yet.

Anyway, back to playing with the kiddo. Having a head full of snot has been a kick in the pants, I am pretending like I am on all of these hardcore street drugs, just for excitement. (In reality, I am too scared to even take cough syrup! pathetic!).

Coughs and hacks,


Tami said...

Street drugs, hmm? Does your cop cousin-in-law need to come over there? LOL

Jill said...

Hope you're feeling better soon perty-ness!