button flowers and lusting about buttons

One of my favorite blogs that I stalk quite often, One More Moore, featured some button flowers on it ages ago, along with a little tutorial - and now I am addicted to making button flowers.

I have always been a little crazy about buttons, especially ones from the UK's BigFish on etsy, she's my favorite, so it was perfect to find a project to use my buttons on, rather than just sit and stare at them in their jars and dream of filling up an old claw foot tub with them and swimming in them while listening to Michael Bolton.

So, I have been doing flower buttons. If anyone wants any made, let me know. I am making some for our friend Ildi for her daughter's birthday party decorations... so any excuse to make more puts a smile on my face! And gives me more reasons to buy more buttons from Kirsty at BigFish!


Kirsty Fish x said...

I am BigFish - and this lady is super sweet. The sort of customer that makes etsy the best place to be X

Sara said...

Shauna, these are adorable!!

Jill said...

How stinkin' fun are these!!! I love them!

Egghead said...

Those are really cute! I have seen them somewhere during my blog surfing for craft tutorials. It might even have been the same place. Cute!