the coolest

So I really like the expensive stuff, I guess. And not on purpose, mind you. I'm no snot, I just happen to like things that happen to be out of my price range! So... that's okay when you have a mom like mine and my determination.

The Land of Nod, a wonderful store that I lust over on-line a lot had a comforter that I wanted for Taylor. I am putting a picture of it below so you can lust over it too. I love it because it's not 'little boy' and it's generic, so I can add fun pillows or whatever and it's easy to find things that match and compliment it. Anyway... I had to have it, and didn't want to pay that much, plus it's going on Tay's toddler bed, so it'd be too big.

Solution? Cut the picture out of the catalog and send to my mom, and then BAM, it's made! And it's made well! She made it as a heavy duvet, so in the winter I can jam some heavy blanket in there for him, and in the summer it's just perfect for the warm weather at night. And wait... mom spent $20 all together for all the materials. Isn't that almost saintly? (Is that a word!?). So I am now posting a picture of Taylor's version for your viewing pleasure. The whole other side is that sky blue, so fun!

Now I need to find a few ukuleles and old license plates to hang on his wall and some other fun ideas I have in the works. Stay tuned!!

And, Thank You Mom!!


Sara said...

wow, your mom did a great job! There is an actual Land of Nod store near my work...it's really neat in there!

Jill said...

I love it! It looks amazing! Tell your mom I have some things I'd like done as well.... he he! :)

Egghead said...

Very cool. I wish I had more time to sew. I love it. Your mom has talent. Now I know where yours came from.