gone campin'

Suttle Lake... here we come! We're all packed and ready to go camp at one of my most favorite places on Earth, and I've been waiting all year for this trip! (We reserve these spots in February, it gets a little intense and we get creative). This will be Taylor's 3rd camping trip and I know he's more than excited to play in the dirt, catch bugs, throw rocks in the water and maybe take a ride in Cousin Ryan's boat! We'll take lots of pictures and I'll share some when we get home. We'll be back Monday.

Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, Everyone!!


Brandon said...

Have a great time! Suttle lake looks so inviting.
Your more brave than we. We were going to go camping this weekend till we realized that its a Holiday weekend. To crowed for us.


Egghead said...

Have fun! The lake looks gorgeous!

Sara said...

Have a great trip! I hope the fancy leopard is feeling better!

Ashley said...

What a gorgeous picture! Thanks for visiting my blog too!