Happy Birthday Jaime!!

{picture borrowed from facebook}

Today is my friend Jaime's 25th birthday, and I just love her so, so much! I never get to see her as much as I want to, but I think about her tons and love her just the same. I may think about her too much, and I know that creeps her out! We met in high school and became really close junior year and everything I did, I wanted Jaime with me. Two of my most favorite things about Jaime: she's so genuine and has the kindest heart of anyone I know, and second, she can tell it like it is, and she creates wonderfully fun swear-word combinations! When I am around her, I always laugh.

So... Jaime... if you're not too busy being an awesome vet-student and have a second to read my blog, you'll know that I am wishing you A VERY VERY HAPPY, WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!! I love you tons and hope that today is full of everything that makes you happy and that this year brings you nothing but joy and laughter.

I love you, Jaime Jewel!!

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Sara said...

hooray for Jaime!!