newest love

So I found my newest love on etsy from an awesome shop called Kakilaki Moon and it's a MUST GO SEE!! (Go see it now... here).

After pestering Trask for a few days for one of Kakilaki Moon's jewelry shutters, he wore down and said YES, and that this would be part of my birthday present early. It was a dream come true to hear those words, but even more exciting when I opened up the FedEx box yesterday - squealing with delight, and tears in my eyes, my jewelry shutter is everything I expected and much more. (I am sensitive these days, so don't mock me, or I could totally hurt you!). I am pretty sure this wonderful gift is going to turn my whole life around! :)

Here are my pictures of my shutter hanging in my room - check it out. I am not hanging necklaces off the drawer pulls yet. Will wait until Taylor understands he doesn't look as hot as I do in my jewelry! (I am totally kidding, I am not that mean! well, lately...).

Enjoy the pictures and go grab yourself one, I know Keri is busy making more...

Thanks Keri, I love your work and will be back for gifts for others, or more for me!!

PS: Don't you think I should totally go out and buy more earrings so my shutter has more to wear?!

Story Time

I have mentioned it before, but I am saying it again for those who weren't paying attention...

I am leading a STORY TIME at Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe + Playhouse here in Hillsboro (downtown) on Tuesdays at 9:30 and Fridays at 10:00. Please come by and sit for a fun story or two and eat some yummy goodies and see all the cute kids!! It's a blast.



I was just matching some socks of Trask's (black work socks) that had been sitting out for a few days. I found a pair and was putting them together and what came out and crawled across my lap and TOUCHED me?

The answer, sweet blog readers: a spider. A sick, hairy, mean and ill-intentioned spider.

See the sacrifices I make for my husband, that could have been his toes!



Here's the new hair. Kim curled it all super cute! I bet I won't be able to do it, but I'll sure try!! We cut the front of my hair so my A-Line is gone and put layers in all over, and some bangs, and oh, some color.

Feels good to have a change. And have I mentioned how happy I am that fall is here?! SO HAPPY, SO STINKIN' HAPPY!


I am off to get my hair done in a little bit - thanks to my mom and an early birthday gift!

Taylor will get to spend time with Eileen and Rylan playing while I am gone and I get some quiet time (what?!, huh?!) and hair that doesn't make me cry when I look in the mirror. The roots are showin', folks!!

I think I am going dark for the fall and winter - but we'll see. I am positive blond will be involved, too, because well, I am not sure why -- creature of habit, perhaps? I will take pictures and post when I get home.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


Tuesday Weigh-In: Week One

Week One is done...

Okay, so I totally fantasized about getting on the scale and it reading 145, but alas, it didn't. I am still happy with this morning's weigh-in, though. I lost 4 pounds from last week. I kind of fell off the wagon this weekend a tiny bit, and a little yesterday (but not bad), so this week we'll continue to keep trying.

9.16.08 Starting Weight 185
9.23.08 Week One 181


can... hardly... move...

Hey Sweet Thangs... Just wanted to pop in and say HAPPY MONDAY! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend... I know I did.

Friday was wonderful after my dentist appointment! I had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with my Aunt Michelle (and had a grilled chicken salad!!). Then we went to Gail's house in Banks for an Uppercase Living party. If you haven't heard of Uppercase Living, go check them out - so cool!! It was a fun party full of fun and margaritas (melon and regular)!! What a great way to start the weekend. Trask and Taylor had fun doing boy stuff while I was out, too, so I didn't feel like I was neglecting them too much.

Saturday was lovely. Amie, Rhonda, Summer and McKenna came over for a Craft Day with me, and it was fun. I learned how to make a few goodies, and worked on some of my frames for Styledbaby. I loved hanging out with the ladies, and McKenna and Taylor got to spend time together, even with Rylan because I was babysitting him the first part of the day. After that, Trask and I took Tay to the park to play and get all his energy out, and then to a small mall near by to play even more. After all that, he still slept horribly that night, ugh.

Yesterday was lovely and we got a lot done that we needed to around the house and running errands. I did more projects for Styledbaby, and we watched License to Wed, with Mandy Moore and John Krasinski, my movie star husband. Cute movie. We went on a fast 50 minute walk in-between rain downpours and then I did 20 minutes of a different Denise Austin DVD. I am not hurting too much this morning, so perhaps I will do it again today.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am off to work on projects.

Coming up this week: Tay's eye appointment, my hair appointment, story time, lots of cards to make - pretty low-key, thank goodness. What does YOUR week look like?



I was such a good girl yesterday!! I really was!! And this time I am not fibbing or stretching the truth. Really.

I ate totally on plan and even had extra points left over at bedtime. That rarely happens. AND I did 20 minutes of Denise Austin DVD while getting made fun of by my son. He heckled, he poked, he laughed, he tickled, he jumped on my back while I was doing push ups. He's a real cheerleader, he is. I also went on a 45 minute walk that included some small hills. It felt harder than usual because Tay's jogging stroller needs more air in the tires!! Ugh, he's getting heavy. I am sore this morning, but will still walk, although I'll do the DVD every other day to let my muscles rest a bit. (oh, and I totally made dinner! coming from someone who doesn't like to cook, only bake, that's good!).

Eileen and I did meal plans together, trading ideas. I have dinners planned and shopped for through the end of this month!! My productiveness is shocking. My modesty... what modesty?!

I read at story time today at 10 am at the wonderful Styledbaby Boutique, located in Historic Downtown Hillsboro on East Main Street. I love it there!

I have a big card order to finish up and some other card orders, so that's what I'll be up to today. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend, but not looking forward to going to the dentist AGAIN tomorrow morning at 7:30 for 2 more hours. Ugh. I hope this time will be the last. Well, not the last, but for awhile! :) Having no insurance really really bites.

Okay, well, off to start the day. Have a good one!!


Wednesday Plans

So you wanted to know what I am doing today, right? We have a pretty easy day today, here 'tis, my to-do list...
- Post office trip to mail giveaway cards to the winner!
- Go over to Eileen's house so Tay can have a playdate with Rylan while we plan meals for the next week or more (see, I am behaving and making a PLAN!)
- Take Taylor to PlayLand at Fred Meyer and shop for said grocery items
- Tidy up the house
- Finish a couple cards while Taylor naps
- Denise Austin workout DVD, sucka
- Make dinner, which has yet to be decided upon
- Take Tay to the park or the pool
There... easy peasy day, compared to most! And normally I would shop at WinCo, but WinCo doesn't have PlayLand, and it's just easier, plus I can earn those Rewards Points at Fred Meyer that really make me smile.

I am challenging myself to JOURNAL my foods today - all day. I always start out great and by dinner I don't write it down.

See ya!!

And, PS: Thanks for all the great support - you know who you are!


Tuesday Weigh In

Okay, I am going to lay it all out there today, because I think if I tell the Internet my weight, I will behave myself and stick to WW like a good girl!! So here goes nothing. I am starting TODAY. I will weigh in every Tuesday morning.

9.16.08 Starting Weight 185

See you guys later. I am off to do story time today at Styledbaby. Going to do a Denise Austin DVD, too. Later I'll blog about my love of Denise Austin - but she deserves more time on my blog than just this short little note!!


oh please!!

I am YEARNING to fit in these jeans again - I refuse to get rid of them. Had to stick this picture up for motivation. Should slap it on the front of every cupboard and the refrigerator, as well as on every carb in the house. I can do it. And I will.
Taylor and I got to visit Sweet Isaiah and Mommy Rachelle last week for a few hours and it was pure heaven! Isaiah is the most perfect little man I have ever met - he's just awesome! It felt so funny to hold such a small baby (4 weeks) in my arms again, and it really made Taylor look and feel like a giant. Speaking of the giant, he's still napping, which is strange - looks like another growth spurt.

I just had to post this picture of the boys, it's too sweet not to share. Heaven, oh heaven.


catching my breath

Long time no type, sweet friends! Sorry that I haven't blogged in what feels like forever - life has been amazingly sweet, but just as chaotic as well.

Camping was wonderful! The weather the first two days was perfect - sunny and warm, but not scorching. Taylor got to do some playing in Suttle Lake and spent a lot of the time playing in the parked cars. Last year we couldn't get him out of the dirt for a second, not even to eat, but this year was very different. He played in the dirt a little bit, but wanted to hang out in Grammie's car the whole time, pretending to drive. He had the hazard lights going, the horn honking, the wheel turning, and when you turned the car on, the radio was blasting, the windshield wipers were going insane and the blinkers were on. Taylor is really loves to figure out how everything works, so he was in heaven playing in the car, which kept him cleaner than the rest of us.

We left camping on Saturday night - a bit earlier than we had planned on leaving, but Taylor was homesick and out of his routine for too long, and for a toddler, being away and sleeping on the ground for 2 nights was enough for him. We packed up camp and said our good-byes to the rest of our family and scooted out of town after we did Grandpa's memorial with Oreo cookies (thanks Aunt Janelle!). We got home at 11 pm that night and stuck Taylor in bed (he had slept the whole way home, thank goodness) and in the morning was so happy to wake up home. He kept telling us, 'happy, happy too'. I am guessing that means he was happy.

Things with lemon drop studio have been going really great. I am going to be registering as a business very soon and am in the process of working on a new logo with Trask. I have been doing better than I hoped on etsy, and am meeting some wonderful people on there, as well. Doing lots of trades - it's turning out to be a lot of fun!! I did Halloween and Thanksgiving cards for Albertina Kerr's Gift Shop and they turned out pretty cute. Aunt Michelle even ordered a few sets of Halloween cards from me, too (Thank you, Aunt Michelle!). I am having a craft party with a few gals next weekend and am looking forward to working on some new goodies and designs. I have more to talk about regarding recent lemon drop news, but I'll save that for that blog, so stay tuned.

Life has been really good, but really busy. I am starting to lead a story time at Styledbaby Boutique, Cafe and Playhouse twice a week, so I am really excited about that! I am hoping that Tay will sit still so I can read to the kids. He loves to read at home with us, but who knows, a group of kids may be too much temptation for the fella. If you're local, you should stop by and enjoy a story - I read on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Contact me for specifics.

I spent this week getting ready for a garage sale at Summer's house that is going to be today. (Yes, I am up on a Saturday morning at 5:30 typing this). I am hoping that the garage sale is a success - it'd be nice to get rid of the extra stuff that finds its way into our small home. Cross your fingers for a great turn out!! I'll let you know how it goes - we're only doing it one day, so hopefully most of the junk will GO!!

Now that things are hopefully calming down around here (or maybe they aren't, but even so...) I need to focus on losing the weight I have been talking about for forever! It's time. Mark my word - I am now working on it. There. I am. Don't ask me about it, just stay tuned for updates. I wish it wasn't so hard for me, but I'll get there.

Taylor and I had a date morning yesterday after I got back from sitting in a dentist chair for two hours (and yes, my jaw still aches!). Trask worked from home yesterday so when I got back from the dentist, Taylor and I went to go hang out just the two of us. We went to My Favorite Muffin (yum, yum) and picked out some mini muffins to snack on. Then we went to Fred Meyer to pick up a few boxes of crayons (business expense), and then we went to Great Clips to get Taylor's hair cut, or so I thought. I was very wrong. He saw the cape and started screaming as if the hairdresser was coming towards him with a butcher knife... so we left. I then took him to Pigtails and Crewcuts near our house and he LOVED his haircut there, as long as he didn't have to wear the cape. This child really hates wearing a cape!! His hair looks great, no more scruff! Perfect for the pictures that Kris is going to be taking of him at the beginning of October. After Tay's haircut we went to see Trask and then we all went to the park to play. Fun was had by all, even Maddie.

Okay, I need to go make some penny ponytail holders for an etsy order, so I am off. Please don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY on lemon drop's blog, it ends on Tuesday, don't miss out!!

Love to you all, and happy Saturday!