I was just matching some socks of Trask's (black work socks) that had been sitting out for a few days. I found a pair and was putting them together and what came out and crawled across my lap and TOUCHED me?

The answer, sweet blog readers: a spider. A sick, hairy, mean and ill-intentioned spider.

See the sacrifices I make for my husband, that could have been his toes!


i am very mary said...

Random number generator or not, I'd like to send you a crown because of this horrible incident. hee hee

Email me your snail mail addy! maryann(at)averymarydesign(dot)com

marie said...

this happened to me constantly at my old house!!! several times out of towels, laundry AND when I would scoot furniture. so far new house does not have many spiders.

Jill said...

GROSS! B found a spider a few days ago when I wasn't looking and sat and played with it until it died. Nasty!

w said...

what did you do with the spider?