can... hardly... move...

Hey Sweet Thangs... Just wanted to pop in and say HAPPY MONDAY! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend... I know I did.

Friday was wonderful after my dentist appointment! I had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with my Aunt Michelle (and had a grilled chicken salad!!). Then we went to Gail's house in Banks for an Uppercase Living party. If you haven't heard of Uppercase Living, go check them out - so cool!! It was a fun party full of fun and margaritas (melon and regular)!! What a great way to start the weekend. Trask and Taylor had fun doing boy stuff while I was out, too, so I didn't feel like I was neglecting them too much.

Saturday was lovely. Amie, Rhonda, Summer and McKenna came over for a Craft Day with me, and it was fun. I learned how to make a few goodies, and worked on some of my frames for Styledbaby. I loved hanging out with the ladies, and McKenna and Taylor got to spend time together, even with Rylan because I was babysitting him the first part of the day. After that, Trask and I took Tay to the park to play and get all his energy out, and then to a small mall near by to play even more. After all that, he still slept horribly that night, ugh.

Yesterday was lovely and we got a lot done that we needed to around the house and running errands. I did more projects for Styledbaby, and we watched License to Wed, with Mandy Moore and John Krasinski, my movie star husband. Cute movie. We went on a fast 50 minute walk in-between rain downpours and then I did 20 minutes of a different Denise Austin DVD. I am not hurting too much this morning, so perhaps I will do it again today.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am off to work on projects.

Coming up this week: Tay's eye appointment, my hair appointment, story time, lots of cards to make - pretty low-key, thank goodness. What does YOUR week look like?


Sara said...

Hi Shauna, sounds like a great weekend! Good job getting out even in the rain! That is so hard for me to do, I just don't like it one bit!
I hope Tay's eye appointment goes well. Better each some lunch and get back to work!
Love you!

Kristi said...

Wow, busy weekend!! I have a crazy week, but it's cause I make it crazy!! Cleaning house, working on a photo book from the summer events, bible study, work, the list goes on and on!! Love you!!