newest love

So I found my newest love on etsy from an awesome shop called Kakilaki Moon and it's a MUST GO SEE!! (Go see it now... here).

After pestering Trask for a few days for one of Kakilaki Moon's jewelry shutters, he wore down and said YES, and that this would be part of my birthday present early. It was a dream come true to hear those words, but even more exciting when I opened up the FedEx box yesterday - squealing with delight, and tears in my eyes, my jewelry shutter is everything I expected and much more. (I am sensitive these days, so don't mock me, or I could totally hurt you!). I am pretty sure this wonderful gift is going to turn my whole life around! :)

Here are my pictures of my shutter hanging in my room - check it out. I am not hanging necklaces off the drawer pulls yet. Will wait until Taylor understands he doesn't look as hot as I do in my jewelry! (I am totally kidding, I am not that mean! well, lately...).

Enjoy the pictures and go grab yourself one, I know Keri is busy making more...

Thanks Keri, I love your work and will be back for gifts for others, or more for me!!

PS: Don't you think I should totally go out and buy more earrings so my shutter has more to wear?!


Jill said...

I love them! How crafty! Good job workin' on Trask, you did good!

w said...

oh. that's nice!

it's lovely to have the power of pestering. it's a learned art.

Kristi said...

So cute!!! And yes...more earrings :)

Sara said...

I really like that thing, great color.