I was such a good girl yesterday!! I really was!! And this time I am not fibbing or stretching the truth. Really.

I ate totally on plan and even had extra points left over at bedtime. That rarely happens. AND I did 20 minutes of Denise Austin DVD while getting made fun of by my son. He heckled, he poked, he laughed, he tickled, he jumped on my back while I was doing push ups. He's a real cheerleader, he is. I also went on a 45 minute walk that included some small hills. It felt harder than usual because Tay's jogging stroller needs more air in the tires!! Ugh, he's getting heavy. I am sore this morning, but will still walk, although I'll do the DVD every other day to let my muscles rest a bit. (oh, and I totally made dinner! coming from someone who doesn't like to cook, only bake, that's good!).

Eileen and I did meal plans together, trading ideas. I have dinners planned and shopped for through the end of this month!! My productiveness is shocking. My modesty... what modesty?!

I read at story time today at 10 am at the wonderful Styledbaby Boutique, located in Historic Downtown Hillsboro on East Main Street. I love it there!

I have a big card order to finish up and some other card orders, so that's what I'll be up to today. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend, but not looking forward to going to the dentist AGAIN tomorrow morning at 7:30 for 2 more hours. Ugh. I hope this time will be the last. Well, not the last, but for awhile! :) Having no insurance really really bites.

Okay, well, off to start the day. Have a good one!!


Kristi said...

You amaze me my dear!! Where does your energy come from??

Jill said...

GREAT JOB!!!! I am so impressed! Ok, that's it, I need to get back on track tomorrow! You're just the lift I needed!