Taylor and I got to visit Sweet Isaiah and Mommy Rachelle last week for a few hours and it was pure heaven! Isaiah is the most perfect little man I have ever met - he's just awesome! It felt so funny to hold such a small baby (4 weeks) in my arms again, and it really made Taylor look and feel like a giant. Speaking of the giant, he's still napping, which is strange - looks like another growth spurt.

I just had to post this picture of the boys, it's too sweet not to share. Heaven, oh heaven.

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Jill said...

Shauna you need to stop posting pictures of your friends' newborns! As it is I would pop out another 12 babies in the next 5 years if Wade would let me (and if we had the MONEY!)!!!!! I LOOOOVE new babies, they're PERFECT! And way to go with the weight loss, you will do awesome! I hung my skinny jeans in my kitchen for so long that I got to the point where I could ignore them, so I took them back down and I'm going to wait a few more days to put them up, so it will be a surprise again! :) ha ha ha ha ha! i need to get back on ww too, I have been off for the past couple of weeks and have completely plateaued out! it sucks! I'm so glad you are doing this too, so I have someone to cry to! adore you!