Wednesday Plans

So you wanted to know what I am doing today, right? We have a pretty easy day today, here 'tis, my to-do list...
- Post office trip to mail giveaway cards to the winner!
- Go over to Eileen's house so Tay can have a playdate with Rylan while we plan meals for the next week or more (see, I am behaving and making a PLAN!)
- Take Taylor to PlayLand at Fred Meyer and shop for said grocery items
- Tidy up the house
- Finish a couple cards while Taylor naps
- Denise Austin workout DVD, sucka
- Make dinner, which has yet to be decided upon
- Take Tay to the park or the pool
There... easy peasy day, compared to most! And normally I would shop at WinCo, but WinCo doesn't have PlayLand, and it's just easier, plus I can earn those Rewards Points at Fred Meyer that really make me smile.

I am challenging myself to JOURNAL my foods today - all day. I always start out great and by dinner I don't write it down.

See ya!!

And, PS: Thanks for all the great support - you know who you are!


Kristi said...

Sometime we need to get together and make grocery lists!! I run out of ideas so much and I eat so little it drives me crazy!!

I miss you!!

Sara said...

Hey Shauna! Great job on the menu planning and journaling. It sure does help me! I know you can do whatever you set your mind on! I hope all is well down there in Oregon. I miss you!!!

Jill said...

Wow! Good job on the meal planning! I need to be doing something like that! Love you!