Giveaway - all November long

I am part of EtsyMom Street Team and we're doing a HUGE giveaway, all November-long!! Go check it out and spread the exciting news. lemon drop studio is giving away crayons on November 9th, by the way. Good luck!!


Best News EVER...

... and you have to go read about it right here!!!

That is all. I am much too hyped up and excited to say anything else intelligible right now.



a few Halloween jokes...

One of my swap partners on swap-bot sent me some Halloween jokes along with a card, so I thought I'd feature some of the jokes to get ready for Halloween. Enjoy them, as (candy)corny as they are...

What would a monster's psychiatrist be called?

Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?
They're too wrapped up in themselves

What kind of streets do zombies like the best?
Dead ends



I went to the dentist this morning to get my teeth cleaned and for some strange reason, my mouth was dry the whole time. This made the mirror and utensils the technician was using keep sticking to my lips and the inside of my cheeks. And then she'd try to move the mirror and it'd be stuck to my cheek. How awkward. She kept laughing. I kept trying to produce saliva to help out, but it just wasn't happening... it was my destiny today to have dry, awkward mouth at the dentist.

PS: I go in on the 5th to get my canines extended - like a vampire. But not really. You'll see.

he's baaaaack

The hubs, Trask, is blogging again, and boy am I ever grateful. Go check him out on his blog. He promises to write more often, please help me make sure that he does!!



I had to go out and buy this journal the other day - for a few reasons.

Reason number one, it's so cute. Don't you just love it? I love the colors and the pattern. I guess I am a sucker for notebooks and such, or perhaps just a sucker.

Reason number two, I am starting to write to Taylor in this journal, recapping our days and events and the funny things he says. I will give it to him when he's all grown up, and hopefully he'll read it and say, 'man, I sure was insane, the reason my mom is the way that she is is because of me'.

Just another fun way to share his childhood with him when he's older, and to help me remember all of this!

fabric heart

I had to make a fabric heart for my partner on a swap-bot swap, so I wanted to show it off to everyone.

I am proud of this little booger because it was my first project that I have sewn on my new-to-me sewing machine from Trask's Grandma. I love that machine!! Also, it's my first sewing project where I don't just sew straight lines. I know it's simple, but it's a big deal for me.

My partner's favorite colors are pink and purple, so I did light purple flannel on one side and purple and white gingham flannel on the other side. I just sent it off to her yesterday. It's going all the way to Belgium.

That was fun. I can't wait to make more. Anyone want one?


Here's a sneak peek of my newest line: dude cards. To see more, go see lemon drop's blog or the etsy shop!

special sale still going on...

I just wanted to remind you all that our October special sale is still going on, so snag what you can, for 20% off, including custom orders, and get a head-start on your holiday shopping!

Go check out the etsy shop to see what tickles your fancy. I will be adding more this week, I pinky swear.

I did it...

I just applied on-line to register my business and I am so excited, and feeling, well, so legit!! I just had to share that with everyone.

Also, something else very exciting is in the works, but I can't share it now, but let's just say I peed my pants in excitement about it on Saturday... stay tuned for that little nugget of wonder and thrill.

YAY for registering!!

Oh, and I am almost done voting already, I feel so, ummmm, productive.


Birthday Wishes

We have two very important birthdays to recognize today, so let's get started...

First, I want to wish my sweet Grandma a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My Grandma is a wonderful, kind, funny and good-natured woman who loves family, traveling and the good in the world. I am so grateful for my Grandma - she is just wonderful! Happy, happy birthday to you, Gram! I love you tons. Thank you for being a wonderful Grandma to me and a sweet Great Grandma to Taylor. WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

And... A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Aunt Janelle, the youngest of the Neffendorf sisters!! Aunt Janelle is hilarious, kind, warm and laughs at some of my jokes, which is always good. She can always get Taylor out of a cranky mood, too, every time! I love you so much, Aunt Janelle, and hope that this drizzly Monday brings you a wonderful birthday full of little things that make you smile.

I love you both so very, very much!!

Hugs and Kisses to you,


why, oh, why?

Why am I awake at 5 AM on a Saturday morning?! I am not sure. I don't know, I just am.

Ugh. I can hear both of the 'men' snoring though, taking turns, really. I think Taylor almost has Trask beat. I will not congratulate him on this though.

Taylor got up about 4 or 5 times last night - not fun. If you are cranky and tired, my best guess to the most reasonable solution is TO STAY IN BED AND SLEEP.

But still not sure why I am awake and can't go back to sleep. Better go read my newest book - Twilight - I am already addicted. I feel like a 13 year old. A really cool one though, of course.

Okay, we'll see what the rest of the day holds for me. I guess I can try and clean the house with the lights off - that sounds fun.

I love you guys? Maybe. That feels right for now, so yes, I love you. Bye.


Eye Candy

I wanted to share some pictures and inspiration that I found from one of my favorite sites and stores, Paper Source. Go and take a look around - you'll love it. If you don't, something must be wrong! Seek help. Soon.

These next two pictures are little to-do projects that I am adding to my never-ending project list. Aren't they so cool?! Go to the site for more details, all of this was found on Paper Source.

Also, look at this fun Colorscope.

Don't you just love all the colors? I couldn't pick just one, so I chose 3. I wanted to pick more. I wanted to pick all of them, actually. I did pick the 'poppy' color, but the description was all wrong, so I tossed it, but isn't that color delicious?!
Funny how the colors that I picked seem to match up pretty well for me. Oh man, I just love all those colors. I could stare at that picture all day. Maybe I will. What color(s) do you like best?


on my wish-list...

I stumbled upon this blog, Papers Edge, and am in awe of Emily's talent. I wonder if she has any extra talent for me to have, or just borrow. I really want to have this done for Taylor. Wouldn't that be so neat in his room? I just had to share.

The picture is from Papers Edge's blog. I am borrowing it. And giving them credit. That's how you do it, right?!

I may just need to win this...

Look at this AMAZING quilt giveaway on Pigtail and Snails - ugh, it's so beautiful, it kind of makes me sick, but then it really makes me happy at the same time!! Why can't I quilt?! Come on, why?!

Click on this and enter to win it, but if you do, you have to give it to me. Please.


So do you ever have the feeling you are being watched? Stalked? Followed? These creeps won't leave me alone... they are everywhere. Every where.

And sometimes I hear them whispering secrets about me. I think they are staging an uprising.

Wish me luck - I will need it today.
(It's Noah that I trust the least!)


oh, baby!

I went to the zoo with my Aunt Michelle and Taylor today and had a blast - best part, besides the train ride, you ask? It was the baby elephant!! Isn't he just the sweetest thing ever?! I wanted to take him home with me, but you know, I had to take Michelle and Taylor back with me, too. Next time, next time.

Thanks for a GREAT day, Aunt Michelle. And Christopher Columbus. Thank you.



Hi Blog Friends,

I may be offline for a few days because my mom is coming up today and will be staying for a couple days, so we'll be busy having fun, working on projects and well, I'll tell you more when I see you next time.

I already miss you!


Guest Blogger: Summer

So my sister-in-law Summer is hilarious, and I love to laugh at her life (you'll soon see why!!). I have decided it's time to have a GUEST BLOGGER over here so I don't bore you to death... if you're still around, that is.

Enjoy your time with Summer...

The tale of Topaz & Sapphire: Jewels of the Feathered Variety

So, if you know anything about me, or my family, this story will not surprise you at all. These things just happen to us. However, I hope the tale inspires you or brightens your day a bit. Go ahead, have a good laugh at my expense.

OK, so it all started a week ago Sunday. Aaron (my quirky and lovely other half) and I dropped our dear whirlwind daughter off at Grandma’s house while we went to Bible study.

So a mere two hours later we return to Grandma’s to pick up the little darling. Were we ever surprised to find Grandma Shell and granddaughter dancing with excitement. Turns out they had “something” to show us. Leading us quickly to the bathroom, we have our “surprise” unveiled to us. It came in the form of a young male parakeet. Quite beautiful, if I don’t say so myself. He is bright turquoise and looks tropical or something. What the heck? Aaron and I asked in unison. Well, it turns out that Grandma wanted to take the wee one to the new school playground to play. So off they went. While they were there, our little “surprise” somehow zeroed in on our daughter (out of the tons of kids playing there), and decided to land on her head. This doesn’t strike me as odd in the least, considering her head is full of curls and (when not brushed well), resembles a big, fat nest.

So, Grandma decides that this parakeet won’t survive in the cold, and they must rescue him. Grandma quickly beckons great Granny (who lives next to the park), to come over with a shoe box. They catch the bird, the bird comes home. And there we are, proud owners of a new little parakeet. I proudly come up with the name of Topaz. Who cares if he’s a boy, right?

OK, next step, find a bird cage. Grandma kindly offers to let Topaz inhabit her bathroom until we find one. So, last Monday I set out to find a reasonably priced cage. What better place than craigslist, right? Right. So, I placed an ad under the ‘Wanted’ section. After a few dozen retarded responses, I finally received one of intrigue. Turns out a woman has a wonderful cage, along with ALL accessories available for free. GREAT! Oh, one catch, am I interested in also taking the little parakeet that comes with it? Hmmm…I can’t turn it down. Free is a very good price. So, once I find out that her parakeet is also a rescue, and is a sweet and tame little female, I can’t resist. Then, she tells me her name is Sapphire. Deal done. Destiny or something.

After much emailing and calling, the time for the rendezvous finally comes. Aaron agrees to meet this woman (a lovely Russian lady by the name of Katharina) on Wednesday. They meet at a Burger King. I just found the whole thing immensely funny. Aaron, the Russian and the parakeet- a quick exchange at a burger joint. Whatevs.

So, Katharina told us the birds first need to be ‘acquainted’ next to each other before they can be in a cage together. No prob. Grandma once again comes to the rescue and facilitates the “meeting.” All went well. We finally brought the birds home on Friday night. Whew!

OK, in all of the commotion between my dogs liking the look of these tasty morsels, my daughter running spastically in circles and my husband trying to clean up feathers… I first started to ask myself what I had gotten myself into. That is until the two jeweled beauties began chirping and singing away. I like to think it was due to their happiness at their new home. In reality, it could be that my mutt was jumping higher than I have ever seen him, making chomping motions the whole time.

So it was decided over the weekend that the birds were providing way too much of a temptation for the dogs and kiddo. They now have a nice home in our spare room. They were adjusting so well that I thought yesterday I would be a good “mommy” and release them for a little free time to fly around in the backroom. What a crock of &*%^ that was! I felt like I was in the starring role of a Hitchcock film. Too much space, too quick! I was able to cajole Sapphire back in to the cage after about a half an hour. Topaz, on the other hand, has proved to be a wild and insane creature. I finally had to call in back-up. Aaron rushed to my rescue, and the two of us ran around like mad men trying to get the darn feather duster back in his cage. Finally, after he had a minor collision with the wall, he proved to be mobile. But, his crash didn’t injure his biting abilities. He hung on to that part of Aaron’s hand (you know the skin part between your thumb and index finger) so hard, I thought Aaron was going to have a new piercing. I was laughing. Aaron was not.

That is the longest short summary you’ll read on how folks acquire parakeets. That has only been week 1. Week 2 brings the need for me to purchase a parakeet taming book, and a few face masks. Oh yeah, that’s the other part. My daughter and I seem to have wild allergies to these little darlings. The joy!

Thank you so much, Summer, for your post! I am still laughing so hard just thinking about your story, and yes, peeing my pants just a tiny bit, too.

me? fancy?

I must be fancy, check out the apples we bought yesterday at Trader Joe's. Maybe I was tired, but this really made me laugh when I was loading the apples from the cart to the car. I even snorted. Yes, it amused me that much. Thanks.

As I am posting this, I am still laughing. Trask just asked me why I was laughing. I told him it was because I was blogging about the extra fancy apples.

His response: 'You love that.'

My response back: 'I know.' (while still laughing).

family calendar

My sister Summer introduced this amazing on-line calendar and family planner to me a few weeks ago and we just LOVE it, so I thought I would share.

This calendar is FREE and it's a place called Cozi. You can have other family members linked in, so Trask and I can add to the family calendar while he's at work and I am at home. You can add grocery lists, to-do lists, and your calendar can be color coded by family member - it's just really SIMPLE to use and fun, and it's nice because through Cozi I can email Trask the grocery list if I wanted him to pick up a few things from the store on his way home. I can also manage my lemon drop projects. I just love this calendar... but you know I have to have my old-school planner, too, where I get to WRITE in it, because it just wouldn't be the same. BUT, now if someone asks Trask if we have plans for a certain day, he can look on the calendar on-line and see, because I know he never looks in my planner.

Try it, you'll love it. Let me know if you actually sign up for it and use it, I'd love to hear how it helps you! Or doesn't help you!!


must have chocolate...

I found this slow-cooker recipe the other day on one of my most favorite blogs, Jane's Apron. This is so very exciting. Trask is equally as excited about this recipe - my husband loves chocolate, almost as much as he loves his family. It's quite close.

I will let you guys know how it turned out... I am sure it'll be LOVELY.

Slow-Cooker Chocolate Chip Pudding Cake

1 pkg. devil's food cake mix
1 pkg. chocolate instant pudding
1(16 oz.) container sour cream
4 eggs
3/4 C vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla
1 C semisweet chocolate chips

Place all but the chocolate chips in the slow-cooker. Add 1 Cup water and beat ingredients with a mixer until well blended (about 2 minutes). Fold in chocolate chips and bake about 3 - 4 hours on high or 6 - 7 hours on low (until cake is puffed in the center and pulls away from the sides of the cooker). Spoon the warm cake into serving bowls.

one more day...

Can I make it through today?! Man, I hope so! I am so exhausted and emotionally drained that I can't wait for the official start of the weekend when Trask comes home this evening from work at about 6pm - I need the help! I keep telling myself if I can just make it through today's schedule then I won, I made it through the week, barely, but yes, I made it.

Today, Taylor and I need to: read at Story Time at Styledbaby, go pick up Taylor's new piece to his glasses, package Dominique's card order and take it to the post office to send it out to Mississippi, work on a custom order, go to JoAnns to see if they have the paper that I need that has been out of stock, return a lamp base and lamp shade to Target because they don't fit together and that was my second attempt at buying a shade for it and it not working!!!, clean the house, figure out dinner, get Taylor to take a nap, work on more custom orders, do some invoicing, get the mail and pray there's a huge, giant million-dollar check in there made out to me!!!

Anyone have fun weekend plans? We were going to go down to Eugene but plans changed, so we're here. I have a lot to do for lemon drop, but I want to spend time with the family, too.

Better go and pick out books for story time, and figure out what I am going to wear. Ugh.




I just wanted to say thank you for the sweet comments that were left for me after yesterday's post. You are all so kind, and mean a lot to me, each one of you, whether we've met or not, whether we hang out lots or see each other every once in awhile - thank you so much. I am blessed to know and love such lovely people with huge, beautiful hearts and couldn't feel luckier. Thanks for helping me remember what is important.

Love, Shauna


Special Sale

I am feeling extra happy since my favorite season is now upon us, the leaves are changing colors and I get to wear sweaters again. I am so happy that I feel like sharing the love...

My blog readers are entitled to 20% of all orders from my etsy shop. All you have to do is let me know what you want, and I'll adjust the price and reserve it for you, and there you have it, 20% savings.

Just make sure you give me the magic sentence: FALL IS FINALLY HERE!!

Go get some of your holiday shopping done early. This will also work for custom orders as well.

Offer good from October 1st through October 31st (Halloween!!).

feeling blah

Hi Sweet Friends and Bloggers - Good Morning. You are so lucky you're not here right now, the morning breath in this house is, well, intense! Taylor and I are off to brush our teeth right after we eat some breakfast. Anyone want to come and be our personal chef for a few days? No? No. Okay.

Things have been real busy around here, which is good, but it's taking it's toll on me. Ever since I had Taylor, my hormones have been all whacky and it's been messing with me every once in awhile, but it hasn't been bad. (Just a lot of hot flashes, irregular cycles, the skin of a teenager, but really that's it.)

Well, the past few months I have just been feeling so stressed - whether there was something to be worried about or not. I feel all panicky inside and rushed (like when you realize you are late for an appointment you completely forgot or something) and it's really been hard on me lately. I am always feeling rushed. There is nothing I can do to get the feeling of panic to go away, no matter how relaxed I feel, no matter how wonderful my life is, no matter how much I slap a smile on my face - I just feel rushed and panicked.

So - not fun, but I've dealt with it. That's my only choice, right!? I would totally go see a doctor but I have no health insurance due to tight finances. (Taylor has insurance - I just feel like I need to say that!!). I do not want to put us further in debt than we already are - so there's the issue. I keep thinking that if I lost some weight things would feel better, but it just gets me all worked up even more and feeling frenzied and a bit defeated.

So... if I have been snappy or short with anybody or have been removed or a little less fun, it's just that I've been dealing with this crud for the past 3-4 months, perhaps more. Maybe blogging about it will make me feel better?!

Disclaimer time - I totally know that I live a blessed life with a wonderful support of family and friends, I have a lovely husband and a son who makes my heart so proud. So when I have so much to be thankful for, what the heck is going on with me!?

Thanks for putting up with me, sweet friends.