Eye Candy

I wanted to share some pictures and inspiration that I found from one of my favorite sites and stores, Paper Source. Go and take a look around - you'll love it. If you don't, something must be wrong! Seek help. Soon.

These next two pictures are little to-do projects that I am adding to my never-ending project list. Aren't they so cool?! Go to the site for more details, all of this was found on Paper Source.

Also, look at this fun Colorscope.

Don't you just love all the colors? I couldn't pick just one, so I chose 3. I wanted to pick more. I wanted to pick all of them, actually. I did pick the 'poppy' color, but the description was all wrong, so I tossed it, but isn't that color delicious?!
Funny how the colors that I picked seem to match up pretty well for me. Oh man, I just love all those colors. I could stare at that picture all day. Maybe I will. What color(s) do you like best?


Half of the Style Sisters said...

You are so creative..I love all your ideas and things on your blogs.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet words for me and my daughter about her soon to be baby girl. I am just giddy about it.

w said...

which color says you're awesome. because that's my color.