family calendar

My sister Summer introduced this amazing on-line calendar and family planner to me a few weeks ago and we just LOVE it, so I thought I would share.

This calendar is FREE and it's a place called Cozi. You can have other family members linked in, so Trask and I can add to the family calendar while he's at work and I am at home. You can add grocery lists, to-do lists, and your calendar can be color coded by family member - it's just really SIMPLE to use and fun, and it's nice because through Cozi I can email Trask the grocery list if I wanted him to pick up a few things from the store on his way home. I can also manage my lemon drop projects. I just love this calendar... but you know I have to have my old-school planner, too, where I get to WRITE in it, because it just wouldn't be the same. BUT, now if someone asks Trask if we have plans for a certain day, he can look on the calendar on-line and see, because I know he never looks in my planner.

Try it, you'll love it. Let me know if you actually sign up for it and use it, I'd love to hear how it helps you! Or doesn't help you!!


Jill said...

Fun! I would totally do this, but then I would never use it after the first week or two. I need my old faithful planner/calender on the fridge!

w said...

dude! i'm on your blog! i *know* i'm that "wendi".

i am so famous. it's not even funny.