I had to go out and buy this journal the other day - for a few reasons.

Reason number one, it's so cute. Don't you just love it? I love the colors and the pattern. I guess I am a sucker for notebooks and such, or perhaps just a sucker.

Reason number two, I am starting to write to Taylor in this journal, recapping our days and events and the funny things he says. I will give it to him when he's all grown up, and hopefully he'll read it and say, 'man, I sure was insane, the reason my mom is the way that she is is because of me'.

Just another fun way to share his childhood with him when he's older, and to help me remember all of this!


Egghead said...

I love that journal. How cute is that? Great idea about writing to Taylor. I often wished I would have taken the time to do that but life kicked me big time back then.

Jill said...

I love the journal! I did the same thing for Byron....BUT....I rarely write in it anymore! Last time was right after Ayden was born (um, yeah, 6 months ago) and the time before that? I'm not even going to say. Let's just say that each entry I write tends to be looooong because I have missed out on writing as often as I should and feel like I need to catch up! I even keep it in the coffee table so I would remember to write more often, but it doesn't work. Poor Byron. Even poorer Ayden--I haven't even BOUGHT a journal for him yet. You're way better at doing this sort of stuff--how do you do it???