why, oh, why?

Why am I awake at 5 AM on a Saturday morning?! I am not sure. I don't know, I just am.

Ugh. I can hear both of the 'men' snoring though, taking turns, really. I think Taylor almost has Trask beat. I will not congratulate him on this though.

Taylor got up about 4 or 5 times last night - not fun. If you are cranky and tired, my best guess to the most reasonable solution is TO STAY IN BED AND SLEEP.

But still not sure why I am awake and can't go back to sleep. Better go read my newest book - Twilight - I am already addicted. I feel like a 13 year old. A really cool one though, of course.

Okay, we'll see what the rest of the day holds for me. I guess I can try and clean the house with the lights off - that sounds fun.

I love you guys? Maybe. That feels right for now, so yes, I love you. Bye.


Kristi said...

I love Twilight!! I can't wait for the movie!! ;)

Sara said...

Shauna-half of my office is obsessed with those books! I think you'll like them too. Sorry you were up so early. Sometimes when Sid wakes me at 4 am because he just wants me to raise the blinds so he can look out the window I get real mad and have to remember that I like him. I hope you have a good day!