To celebrate turning 26 this Friday, I am going to share 26 fun (or not so fun), random facts about moi (fancy french way to say 'me') with everyone.

(My gift to you is this sweet picture of me rockin' the 'Becky from Roseann' haircut in 3rd grade!! Really soak it in and love it. Cherish it, too. You are welcome. Very welcome. I love awkward stages!!)

1. I was born in Eugene, Oregon. I lived in Eugene until July of 2005, when I moved to my current home in Hillsboro, Oregon. I love it up here.

2. I can't choose a favorite color, ever. Top favorites? Oranges, blues, greens, pinks, grays. I love 'em all.

3. I have grown a quarter of an inch taller since I had Taylor, 27-1/2 months ago. My feet also got a 1/2 size bigger, too. Enough of a difference that I needed all new shoes and gave all my old ones to my Ma-in-Law.

4. I used to be deathly afraid of needles, even had to lay down when I got shots so I wouldn't pass out. Pregnancy cured me of that fear, among many others, I am sure.

5. I am a highly anxious person about some things, like trying a new restaurant, not knowing which lane to be in while driving, scared of getting a flat tire, fear of leaving my zipper down on my jeans, when my house is disorganized, etc.

6. I am way hotter if someone else puts my make up on for me. I just can't put it on right. This saddens me that I don't have my own hair and make up team, yet.

7. I have known my husband for almost 8 years in December. We met on-line when I was a senior and he was a freshman in college. I never tell this story. We have been inseparable ever since our first date. We have been married since May 14, 2005. We were married in Kauai, just me and him, and our officiant and photographer. I wouldn't change a thing.

8. Jobs I have had (in order for the most part): babysitting, Hutch's Bicycle Shop in Springfield Oregon on 21st and Main, High Street Bicycles (near 5th St Public Market in Eugene), Sunglass Hut, Church Nursery Teacher in Eugene, Fred Meyer Pharmacy clerk, The Healthy Weigh weight loss counselor (fave job), LDC Design Group/Parati marketing specialist, MOTHER TO TAYLOR (the very best!), Gymboree sales associate, and now a self-employed business owner to lemon drop studio | fresh-squeezed gifts, oh, and still a mom.

9. I can't plan a meal to save my life. That's what I don't like about cooking. Give me a plan and a specific grocery list and I am fine, happy, even. But just tell me to make a dinner and I am cranky.

10. I turn into dizzy, hungry hulk when I get hungry. I am not a nice person. I say things I shouldn't, and tend to have toddler-like tantrums until I am fed. This can get really horrible for all involved. (Dizzy, Hungry Hulk is a term taken from an episode of My Name is Earl).

11. I have dreams that could potentially get me locked up. They are detailed, seem to last forever, are are so so so strange. Sometimes people I tell my dreams to just look sad for me, or start backing away slowly.

12. I love making lists. I love it so much that I can't remember a single thing unless I write it down. And I am so OCD about being tidy and organized (although you couldn't tell by seeing me) that I re-write my lists if they get too sloppy. I used to re-write my math homework out, too. And all my class notes.

13. I adore stationery. I love sending people cards and letters, hand written! And I love pens and pencils, or any writing utensil. Oh they make me happy. Office supplies in general, I suppose.

14. I make my bed every single day. Even if I am sick. I also will not take a nap with the blinds down or curtains closed. I like to nap in the daylight.

15. I love jeans. I love skirts and dresses in theory, but once I have one on me, all I can think about is being in jeans.

16. Pets I have had since birth: Tonka a tailless cat, Sarge a chocolate lab, Turbo a norfolk terrier, Em a norfolk terrier, Teaser a norfolk terrier, Rocky a norfolk terrier, Rowdy a hedgehog, countless beta fish (Nelly being my fave), goldfishes Spike and Pretzel, 2 white rats Kissy and Lucy, Buddy the bird, Zoe the cat, Maddie the dog.

17. Amos Lee is my favorite singer. A close second is Jack Johnson.

18. I talk in my sleep. A lot. I used to walk in my sleep as a child, and once woke up and couldn't find any of my sheets or blankets on my bed. I woke up my mom and we searched the whole house. I had stuck them in the bathtub in my sleep. Totally normal.

19. Favorite toys growing up: Popples, Barbies, My Little Ponies.

20. I have never broken a bone in my body, and have never had surgery. I like to pick scabs. I know that is gross, but that's just how it is.

21. I love breakfast foods!!

22. Smells I love: new car smell, new shoes, shoebox smell, newborns, puppy breath, coconut, citrus smells, cinnamon, fresh cut grass, rain on the sidewalk (can't remember Karlie's fancy term for this), gasoline at the gas station (don't judge me), clean smell. Nothing over the top or fancy.

23. I am super simple. I like simple things, simple decorating, simple art, simple cards, simple clothes. I like things relaxed and fun and laid back. I like honesty and genuineness and kindness. I strive to be all of that each day. Some days I do better than others.

24. I am terrified of small spaces. I blame this on the time my friend Jenny and I got stuck in a refrigerator box together. I hate elevators. I really hate being too hot, and since I have been pregnant and had Taylor, I am always too hot now.

25. I love The Office. That TV show is the only one I am hooked on. I have 'a thing' for Jim (John Krasinksi), and I can relate with Dwight on many levels, including appearance (kidding). The only other show I have ever loved this much is Mama's Family, with Vicki Lawrence. I wish I could still get reruns on some of my channels. Someone tape them all for me and send them to me and you can have $199 worth of etsy things from my shop, I am SERIOUS!! I really am.

26. I love the University of Oregon, I love the DUCKS! I graduated in 2005 with my bachelor's degree in Family and Human Services from the College of Education. I graduated with honors, on the Deans list, with an accumulative 3.9 GPA in my major. I will use my degree when Taylor and future baby are in school.

Well, thanks for listening to me. If you made it all the way through the list and want to know something else, leave a comment or email me and ask, and I'll post more facts as I get them.



Kristi said...

You are my favorite!!! Thank you for the 26 random facts...it makes me love you more :)

I can't believe tomorrow is your birthday!! I found you a super cool present friend...now I just have to see you!!!

Jill said...

I love the picture! Happy birthday, prettiness!!! All of those 26 things (and many more) are reasons I adore you! I hope you have a wonderful day, Shauna!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!!

w said...

i've read numbers 1, 4, and 10. because randomness is that which lives in my brain.

i shall read the others tomorrow. or another day. or maybe in a minute.

KirstyFish said...

We actually have quite a bit in common - and you have inspired me to write random facts about me too!

Anonymous said...

I am a really ravenous hungry person too. My husband knows that if I get cranky and we're on our way to eat or just out.. it's time. like now!