I don't care, I love it!

I am on the third book of the Twilight series, Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer and I am loving it! (I don't care if the books are for teenagers, I am hip!! Uh, is that the right word to use!?) I have a movie date on Saturday to go see Twilight, and I can't wait for friends, buttered popcorn and my Sweet Edward Cullen. Yum-o!

I never thought a book would come along and cure my PPD (Post-Potter Depression). I was so sad after the last Harry Potter, but alas, Vampires are the new Wizards.

I need help.

Who else likes them? Fess up.


-Trask said...

Yum-o? Is that a Rachel Ray reference? Regarding vampires?

I know you like this, but I think Bunnicula is still tops.

Amie said...

I'm looking forward to Saturday too! It's all your fault I got obsessed and since I finished all of them before you I have no one to talk about them with!!

w said...

oh my. i don't think i'll be reading the books. i just recently found out what the heck this "twilight" thing was that everyone was talking about.

what's the deal with the apple on the cover? do they eat apples? are they vegetarian vampires? sub in a red fruit for red blood?

Egghead said...

I have hear that these books are all the rage. Haven't read any yet but I am curious so I will probably read the first one over the holiday. If I find time that is.

Sara said...

I haven't read these yet but almost every single person in my office is in love with them. I hear about them all the time!!!!

Summer said...


How dare you mention bunnicula. That is in a different class and creepy level than Twilight series. Ugh. Team Edward rocks, he is, as Shauna said- yum-o. Don't dare to dis the preggo, you know hormones and all that :-) I digress, the main point was to tell Shauna how much I agree!!

Allison said...

I have lots of kids raving about these books so they are on my list, glad to hear you like them! I do have to agree with Trask though that Bunnicula pretty much rocked. :)

Jill said...

First, I am really getting curious about these Twilight books! I have never had any interest in vampires at all, but this temptation is almost over-powering!!! I also didn't think I was interested in wizards and witches, though, and I too suffered from PPD, Shauna. I think you've convinced me to give them a try!

Second, Trask: your Bunnicula comment made me laugh and laugh!

and Third: did Summer totally give away a little secret in her comment about not "dissing the preggo" that I've been *gently, lovingly* hinting at for the past couple of weeks?? Fill me in here, lady!!! I am about to mess myself with excitement here!