little sis

Today my one and only little sister, Karlie Jaye, turns 21. I remember going to the hospital with my mom and dad when it was time to have Karlie, and waiting patiently for my little sister to arrive. And then she came. And from that moment on, life was different. It was better. Funnier. Harder. Complicated. Simple. Amazing.

So many things could sum Karlie up, but the word that does it for me, is kindness. Karlie is a kind soul, a fun girl, a walking contradiction at times, shy, wild, perverted, disturbed, intelligent, passive-aggressive, and just so kind, gentle and insightful. The world is much better because she is here, and I truly mean that. I am better because she is here.

Karlie, I love you more than words could say. I love being your older sister. You couldn't make me more proud of the amazing lady you have become. (I use the word 'lady' loosely, you can burp like a lumberjack.) Enjoy your 21st birthday and know how deeply cared about, admired and loved you are, by your big sister, your only sister, therefore your favorite sister.

Happy Birthday Karlie!

Sho Sho


Karlie Jaye said...

Thanks sissy, I really wished we lived closer/had more time and money to visit eachother!

Jill said...

Happy birthday to Karlie! This post makes your sis sound so wonderful, I would marry her! If I weren't female, already married, and engaged to you, Shauna. Sisters are the best in the whole freakin' world!