trailering + birthday week

Hi Sweet Friends,

Well, I am back from Girls Weekend with the Ma-in-Law and my Aunt Michelle and I had so much fun. I feel well rested, happy and ready for my birthday week. (Yes, I don't like to limit a birthday to just a DAY, I feel a week is much more appropriate, and well-deserved).

We got to Cape Lookout on Friday night, got all set up and had a great dinner. Saturday we watched two movies, classics, if you ask me: The Holiday and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Love them. We ate lots, drank wine, played games, had beer, played games and talked the entire time. Sunday was a bit more of the same and then a short little drive home. We did try to take a walk on the beach but we all got sandblasted by a big gust of wind and since I never stop talking, my molars were full of sand. Ick. It was stormy all weekend, but fun to hear the rain on the top of the trailer. Ahhhh.

When I got home Sunday Trask and Taylor were still in one piece. Taylor was in his car seat asleep while Trask helped get my bags from the trailer to our car to head home. I think perhaps Taylor had a sugar-crash. I am just guessing based on the things I saw in the garbage can. The boys ate like kings. Sugar kings. And NO, that is not really my sink in Trask's blog, by the way. I was horrified to see that picture up there, thinking you guys would judge me. That is not my kitchen, no way! I really felt like I had to clear that up. Thanks. I hope you believe me.

So, today is Day 2 of Birthday Week. My real birthday falls on Friday, the 14th. (Gather your gifts, banners, cupcakes, statues of me and have them ready!!) I have always been a birthday lover, so this one is no exception. And last year I had an awful birthday, so I hope this one makes up for 2007.

My drama last year included a stomach flu like no other for about a week, going to Oceanside to try to stay in a fun hotel with said flu while the winds blew over 95 mph, a cranky kid, still the flu, and when I thought it was gone a week later, going out for drinks with Trask while Nana watched Taylor, but finding out I was still sick and barfing up my drink and dessert. Oh, and Trask was unemployed.

This will be a better birthday - I can already tell. Trask is taking Thursday and Friday off to spend with Taylor and I - that's enough of a gift in itself. I love family time.

Okay, so what's on the agenda for today? It's Veteran's Day. Taylor and I are going to go see Madagascar II with Summer and McKenna. Taylor hasn't been to a theater since we saw Meet the Robinsons over a year ago. (Bad mom, I know!!) We'll see if he sits down to watch it. He did sit down with Trask for the Blazers game, so we'll see.

That's it for now. Stay tuned, I'll be listing soon 26 random things about me in celebration of turning 26.


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Jill said...

How did I completely miss this post? I didn't even see it! You are so funny! I remember your horrible birthday week last year, it made me sad for you :( But I'm glad this year was much much much better! And yes, I definitely pulled out my Shauna Statue to hold an hour of worship in the coat closet on Friday the 14th! :) It would have been longer, but Byron was trying to hang Ayden from the ceiling fan, so I had to sacrifice a few Shauna-obsessed hours. Sorry! I adore you!