cardio yoga...

I just finished 30 minutes of cardio yoga. And. It. Kicked. My. Booty.

How do I feel now? Sweaty. Shaky. Sweaty. And sweaty. Oh, and motivated to do it again tomorrow so it's not as hard as it was today.

I am leaving overweight Shauna behind with 2008. It's not a New Year's resolution, because I break those. It's a promise. I keep those.

Let's make 2009 wonderful by being caring and kind. Kind to ourselves, kind to one another and kind to our Planet. It's that simple.

Shauna out!


cute {little} corner

Today I am going to share with you the cutest little corner in my home that makes me smile. It is the cute corner. I just now decided I was going to call it that. This is not to be confused with the naughty corner - that is very different, and not cute at all.

This corner is new. The 8 drawer small dresser was given to me by a lovely family member, unfinished. I knew right away I would love it forever and give it some life and color and it would forever be stuck with me.

When my mom and sister were visiting for the holidays they helped me make a color choice for the dresser and then helped me paint it. After we painted it, we roughed it up a bit and distressed it. We beat it with a sock full of pennies and quarters, we sandpapered it, and we let Taylor at it with his play tool set. We had so much fun, and it seemed to be a bit therapeutic.

My sister helped me contact paper some gift wrap to make drawer liners, too. Aren't they cute?! These drawers now are in the corner of my bedroom, next to my bed, and it makes me love my bedroom, the most neglected room in our place.

So on top of the dresser is more lovelies. The print is a gift from my sister that she gave me for Christmas. She bought it from this lovely etsy shop, here. It's just wonderful. {Thank you, Karlie!!} And see that wonderful aqua colored candle stand? That was a thoughtful gift from my sweet sister in law, Summer. {Thank you, Summer!!} Isn't it just perfect, and totally my style?! Oh I love it, and the part that the candle sits on looks just like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrapper, so even better, and sweeter!! (I always seem to have chocolate and peanut butter on my mind!)

There you have it, my cute corner. I showed you one of my corners, now it's time to show me yours. And I totally don't mean that in a creepy way. Please believe me.



{eight years}

{warning: this post could get a little bit sappy...}

Eight years ago today I went on a blind date that would forever make my life brighter, more wonderful and lovely. Eight years ago today, Trask and I had our very first date. Oh what babies we were. I had just turned 18 and Trask was just about ready to turn 19... so young and awkward.

Our date consisted of Trask picking me up from work with a dozen roses (note he had to drive over 2 hours to come meet me), then a lunch at Quizno's (awful first date food - so messy!!), watched a bit of The Holiday Bowl (Go Ducks) at my house so my parents could meet him and make sure he wasn't too 'creepy' and then went to a movie (Castaway). Oh, and I totally kissed him first. Rare. Our date was about 8 hours long and I knew right away that I wanted him around forever. And look - he's still here!!

Trask, I love you with all of my heart. You make everything so much fun, no matter what it is. You are a wonderful husband, best friend and partner in crime. You are a fantastic dad, so involved, loving, patient and goofy. I love that you still laugh at my jokes. I love that our family means the world to you. I love that my heart belongs to you, and that is the way I always want it to be. And I still always kiss you first!!

Happy Eight Years, Trask. Here's to so many, many more.


a little note to say...

Merry, Merry Christmas to all my family and friends! Have a safe, warm and lovely holiday with your loved ones and take time to remember what the holiday is all about.


fun site + an etsy find!

lemon drop studio is going to be on a really fun site tonight called Own The Hour. I will be on the site at 6pm and 7pm Pacific Standard Time tonight. You must check it out - it features 12 goodies from Etsians every hour, around the clock. I found some fun sellers just by checking out what was on the site, and I even bought a real cool robot print this morning, too.

Here's the robot that I got for Taylor's room. It's from an etsy shop called Monster Gallery. Go check them out here.


not much to say

It's snowing - again. So in-between projects I am determined to find things that make me happy and post them here. I will continue adding to this post until the weather stops being horrible and rotten and dumb.

First goodie is the beauty, which can be found here.

And check this out - I just like the simplicity of these book covers, and the colors are lovely, right?! This goodie can be found here.

And this has to be the loveliest thing ever - and if you don't agree, we'll arm wrestle and I'll win, and then you'll have to agree with me. The amazing coat can be found here. Best yet, it's an etsy find.

And then there's this little beauty... found here.

And I think I just fell in love with this... and I found it here.

And how could you not adore these? And, you guessed it, an etsy find! You can view Annie and Olive's shop here.


oh how I miss you...

Sweet Mama's Family, why are you not on any of my channels anymore? I yearn to watch you, yet cannot. I have the first season on DVD and yet that is not enough. I want to see the episodes with Bubba!! It makes me so so sad.

A desperate cry out for help -- Either someone needs to upgrade my cable for me and pay the bill or they need to find Mama's Family DVDs and make this better. I cry about it, honestly. And yes, I know that's super pathetic, but I never said I was normal. Can someone please fix this sad situation!?

Any other Mama's Family fans out there? If so, I love you.


he makes me smile

Trask must have been pretty bored this weekend, because he FINALLY agreed to make a card with me while I was working on goodies for lemon drop. He picked out the exact piece of paper I knew he'd pick, from probably hundreds and hundreds of paper options. I know him well! I wasn't watching his every move while he was card-making, just told him where supplies were when he asked. I was intrigued when he asked for the stamps... and once he was finished, I laughed so hard, and that is one of the biggest reasons I married him - I am always laughing.

I am not sure who he is giving his card to, I will assume it's me that is money $, because I totally am. Right?!

Thanks for finally making a card, Trask, I love you even more now.


baby it's cold outside

Happy Sunday, yo.

So, if you have been following this blog for awhile, you might already know how much I don't enjoy the snow. Don't ask me why, I am not sure, all I know is that winter is not my friend. If I could change things around, I would have winter last two days - Christmas Eve through Christmas Day, and then BAM, here comes spring.

But, alas, I can't change the seasons, so I am dealing with it. We usually don't get much snow, hardly ever, but when we do, things get wild. We don't know how to drive in it, all the news channels can talk about is the dumb white snow, yadda yadda yadda. BUT, having a toddler that adores the snow, along with a hubby that likes the snow, too, and a rat terrier that goes berserk in the stuff, it is a tiny bit exciting, for awhile.

All this week it's supposed to be COLD - like not above freezing, cold. Ugh. Now I can't wear my cut-off shorts and tank tops and belly shirts. Sheesh. Winter always spoils my fun.

I hope you enjoy the pictures from today's snow shenanigans.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, and please note, there is nothing wrong with Taylor's teeth, jaw or his bite - he just sticks his bottom jaw out when he's excited, just like I do. Charming, right!?


Etsy Find!!

About a month or so ago I came across the sweetest etsy shop ever, Zuzu Girl, and fell in love right away! Kristi of Zuzu Girl makes lovely fairy princess wands, halos, headbands, ribbon tutus and more! As soon as I saw her shop, I knew I needed to order one of her wands to go with the tutu that I made my niece McKenna for Christmas.

These are pictures taken from Zuzu Girl's shop, and it looks very similar to the wand that we'll be giving McKenna on Christmas Day. I borrowed Kristi's pictures because there is no way I could take a decent picture - and hers are lovely, but believe me, the wands are even more amazing in person. The wand I bought for my niece even has a cute little bell on one of the ribbons - isn't that fun?!

The wand was packaged beautifully and just looks so precious, whimsical and fun, and it is SO well made! (Yeah, I played with it a bit before I wrapped it up, so sue me!!)

So, I really think that you should scoot on over to Zuzu Girl's shop and have a look - and then come back and thank me for helping you find such a wonderful shop!!


she knows me well

Looky, looky!! Marie does indeed know me well. She gave me this amazing clutch this weekend just because she's awesome, or because I am awesome, and isn't it just lovely? Pure bliss. I can't wait to go somewhere and walk around like a hot shot! Thank you, Marie, thank you! I adore you. I do.



It's already December 4th and I can't believe it. Where did fall go? I am beyond ready for the holiday season - I can't stand winter, but I do love Christmastime, and so does Taylor. Here he is laying on my desk while I fill an etsy order. He's like a really immature supervisor in diapers.

We have ALL of our holiday shopping done, and most of it is already wrapped and in the closet. About 98% of the gifts we purchased were handmade, either by ourselves or fellow Etsians. And the other 2% we purchased from a small, local business. We are feeling good! Oh, well, I did buy one present from Target for Taylor, but that's it!! We are ready for December 25th! The holiday letters and pictures are sent out - so now I just need to figure out what I am baking this year. Trask gave me a few suggestions, but I need to come up with a few more.

We will pick out our Christmas tree this Sunday, from Plumper Pumpkins Farm again, like last year. I can't wait. Some of the house is already decorated, but it's hard when we don't have a lot of storage space or well, space in general.

Petey, my Christmas pine cone owl, is out in full effect, once again. I took a picture of him to document the fact he is still alive. This means something - he is 21 years old. I made him in kindergarten. And my husband makes fun of him every year, but Petey takes it like a true gentleman and turns away, ignoring the shaming and blaming and mocking. Trask can really be mean sometimes, especially to pine cone and cotton owls with misshapen eyes. He'll understand one day. I am teaching Taylor to respect Petey, and so far, so good - he is doing better than his dad.

We just added Susie the Owl to our Christmas collection. I found her on Etsy, of course, from a great shop, cuore. Isn't she lovely? She is so well-made, soft, and her details are amazing. I love her. And aren't her eyelashes just darling?!

We also let Taylor pick an ornament this year. He first chose a train, of course, but within 3 hours of having it home, he stepped on it and it broke. So we tried again, and this time he chose an orange wooden cat with a metal spiral tail as the hook. I will take a picture soon. Oh, and she has yellow and glitter on her chest. Of course.

Just to add some fun color to the top of our armoire in the living room I filled a square glass vase/bowl with red wooden beads, and they make me happy, so they are staying just like that. I am sure I could have become more creative with it, but I like it how it is, for now.

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. I will check back real soon, and don't forget to enter the giveaway over on lemon drop's blog... right here.


like free things that are pretty?!

Then you will want to enter my GIVEAWAY on lemon drop studio's blog. Go here for all the details and to enter, and good luck! Don't forget to tell your friends!


PS: Remember, don't comment on this post, head on over to lemon drop's blog and enter there.

a new favorite

I just got this print for Taylor's room last week from Jaimee, owner of Modern Classics Kids on Etsy. Her whole shop is lovely! We did a little trade and I just love this print. Originally the tricycle was pink, but she switched it for me, letting me choose colors, and isn't it just perfect?! I just wanted to pass the good word of Modern Classics Kids. I also got a set of 12 bookplates for Taylor's books, too. So classy and fun!! Go check out her shop when you have a chance, it's lovely.

A Movie I Can Watch...

On Saturday I got to go see Twilight with some of my girlies and it was so much fun. I fell in love all over again with the book, characters and the story. I did like the book a bit better, but all of the characters in the movie were awesome, and just as my mind had pictured them when I was reading the book, especially Bella, Edward and Alice, and well, most of them, I guess.

I normally can't sit still very well for movies, at all. I am far too squirrely of a person. However, Edward really held my attention. Yum, yum. And it's not so much that he's attractive (although he's not bad), it's his character. Edward is charming, amazing, surreal, and oh, swoon, ugh, I am getting pathetic. Better go for now. But please, if you are looking for a fun read that goes by fast, no matter how little time you have to read, go read Twilight. And then come back and thank me for helping you make one of the best choices you have ever made.