{eight years}

{warning: this post could get a little bit sappy...}

Eight years ago today I went on a blind date that would forever make my life brighter, more wonderful and lovely. Eight years ago today, Trask and I had our very first date. Oh what babies we were. I had just turned 18 and Trask was just about ready to turn 19... so young and awkward.

Our date consisted of Trask picking me up from work with a dozen roses (note he had to drive over 2 hours to come meet me), then a lunch at Quizno's (awful first date food - so messy!!), watched a bit of The Holiday Bowl (Go Ducks) at my house so my parents could meet him and make sure he wasn't too 'creepy' and then went to a movie (Castaway). Oh, and I totally kissed him first. Rare. Our date was about 8 hours long and I knew right away that I wanted him around forever. And look - he's still here!!

Trask, I love you with all of my heart. You make everything so much fun, no matter what it is. You are a wonderful husband, best friend and partner in crime. You are a fantastic dad, so involved, loving, patient and goofy. I love that you still laugh at my jokes. I love that our family means the world to you. I love that my heart belongs to you, and that is the way I always want it to be. And I still always kiss you first!!

Happy Eight Years, Trask. Here's to so many, many more.


Sara said...

I remember when you were about to meet Trask and we were at the mall and you were asking tall people their exact height so you could compare them. Nice! You guys are adorable!

Egghead said...

You guys look so cute. Happy 8 years and many many more to come.

Jill said...

Happy 8 years together! You are still the cutest couple in the world, too!

Randi said...

What a CUTE photo!!