not much to say

It's snowing - again. So in-between projects I am determined to find things that make me happy and post them here. I will continue adding to this post until the weather stops being horrible and rotten and dumb.

First goodie is the beauty, which can be found here.

And check this out - I just like the simplicity of these book covers, and the colors are lovely, right?! This goodie can be found here.

And this has to be the loveliest thing ever - and if you don't agree, we'll arm wrestle and I'll win, and then you'll have to agree with me. The amazing coat can be found here. Best yet, it's an etsy find.

And then there's this little beauty... found here.

And I think I just fell in love with this... and I found it here.

And how could you not adore these? And, you guessed it, an etsy find! You can view Annie and Olive's shop here.


Jill said...

I like all of the above, but especially the Lemon glass! I think you need to own that beauty!

Sara said...

these are all great! That coat is adorable, and the red purse. It reminds me of something Allison would have also!