she knows me well

Looky, looky!! Marie does indeed know me well. She gave me this amazing clutch this weekend just because she's awesome, or because I am awesome, and isn't it just lovely? Pure bliss. I can't wait to go somewhere and walk around like a hot shot! Thank you, Marie, thank you! I adore you. I do.


w said...

wow. that's pretty. marie is a loverly friend.

do you think she'd want to be my friend? or at least, send me a clutch?

Sara said...

It looks like something that would tickle your fancy!

Jill said...

That is a rad clutch--if I ask Marie to be my friend, will I get one too? I'm not awesome, but I would love to walk around and pretend to be a hot shot! I would feel so pretty! What a cool friend! And it is a gift that is definitely fitting of Miss Shauna! :) Although it won't make you look cool--YOU will make the fancy CLUTCH look cool! :)