{dude cards giveaway}

My lovely and hilarious friend, Winn, of WendiWinn, is hosting a giveaway on her blog RIGHT NOW, yes, right now, featuring my Dude Cards, which, really, were inspired by Winn herself. A tribute, if you will. A tribute to a legend. (She is still very much alive, I am not sure if 'tribute' is the right word now.)

Please rush on over to her blog, here, and go enter yourself in to the giveaway of a lifetime, or of 2009, or whatever you want it to be.

It's super easy to enter. And while you're there, poke around her blog leaving her bits and pieces of love here and there. She's a gem and you'll quickly fall in love with her, plus she'll make you laugh more than I do. But don't forget about me, okay?! Good luck!

Shauna out!

PS: Tell all your friends - but don't waste your time telling me, I already know about the giveaway. But you knew that.

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w said...

thanks! i'll go enter right now!