lovely little lemon

I love, love, love getting things in the mail, whether it's a new catalog, a letter from a friend, a card or a surprise - it's so exciting to me. As soon as I wake up I start thinking about the mail. (is this sad?!).

Yesterday to my delight I found a lovely surprise from an Etsian friend, Amber. Looky! It's a lovely little lemon that Amber made for me. Is it not the coolest thing ever?! I am in love! I don't even want to let anyone else near it, I am feeling rather possessive at the moment.

I definitely think you should go check out Amber's shop, here, for great scarves, cat toys, hats, washcloths, java cozies and more.

Thank you, Amber, I think I love you. No, I know I love you!!


Sara said...

that is adorable!!

Amie said...

Oh my gosh! So cute!

Amber said...

I love you too Shauna! lol. Thanks for the shout out.

w said...

squeeze. and zest.