a must see + shop

My sweet friend Marie, who just made my dreams come true by starting a blog has now made my dreams come even truer. I know that sentence makes no sense and isn't grammatically correct, but there were just no other words.

Marie just started an etsy shop, Marie Lou, and I really think that you guys should go check her out, leave some love, pick up a fun pair of earrings and beautify and accessorize your ears. She also has a necklace and bracelet in there. Hands off the bracelet, I want it!

And if you buy something from her, come over and tell me (comment on this post) and I'll send you a little treat! Let's get her started with a BANG!!

That is all. You know what you have to go do now... not to be bossy or anything!! And while you're there, wish Marie luck, she's about to have her first baby any day now!! Yay!!

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