Trask and I have lived in the apartment that we are currently in since we moved up to Hillsboro from Eugene in July of 2005. Yes, we've been here for about 3 and a half years. That feels like a long time when we're now a family of 3 plus a pooch in our 950 square foot apartment.

Our lease ends this summer, but we have decided that when the time comes, we are going to renew our lease again for another year. This will give us time to save money for a house and to get finances squared away. This leaves me in the apartment for longer than I hoped - but we're going to make the best of it!

I have started a list of projects to do around here that will help make the place feel fresh and new, organized and tolerable!!

I want to do some painting, at least in the kitchen, Taylor's room and our bedroom. I will take before and after pictures of all these projects, rest assured. Now to select colors...

I also want to reupholster our red chair tha looks very faded and sad. It's an old Ikea chair that we got for free, and it's old enough that I can't find a slipcover for it at Ikea, of course, and it's a funky shape, so a normal one won't do. I haven't decided if I am game for trying this myself or for having it done! Here is the chair I am speaking of, the poor dear.

I plan on making new curtains for Taylor's room, and for our small window in the living room.

I have been on Operation Declutter lately, but feel like I have a lot more to do! I have been getting rid of tons of clothes, extras and random things that are just taking up space. It feels good, but also makes quite the mess in the process.

I need to make fun throw pillows for the couch and larger ones to stack on the floor. I am hoping my mom will come up soon so we can do these projects together!! (or she does them while I watch and pretend to try to help!! - We don't call her Saint Grammie around here for nothing!).

Well, that's it for the list now. Just know it's much longer than this, but I can't list it all now. I'll get around to before and after pictures as the projects get finished, or started!

(Picture from Pottery Barn Kids)

Oh, and PS: how hard would this be to make myself?(see above picture). Is it worth just paying the $120? Let me know if you have ideas!!


Sara said...

Hi Shauna,
Sounds like a ton of fun projects! I am thinking of repainting a room also...it's just too dark the way it is now.
I totally think you could make that thing yourself, I'd totally help you! You can find some beadboard for the back part anywhere, then you'd just need those curvy side pieces and the dowels are a dime a dozen at Home Depot! Borrow my wood glue and you're good to go!
This would be fun, I also really want to find an old shutter and make something like what you have for your earrings.

marie said...

marthastewart.com has instructions on how to make that kind of book shelf. the website also said you could use a plate rack for the wall as a bookshelf. I have yet to find a plate rack like that but I know they are out there! I wanted one too!

Mrs Lemon said...

I'm also in my smallish apartment for another year longer than I expected, and I think I'm going to paint my bathroom grey. I saw some cute shower curtains at a friends house that have images of chrome faucets on them. It was very fun looking, but still grown-up.

Good luck with your projects!

timcox said...

Hi Shauna - if you could post a photo of the IKEA chair I can tell you if Bemz.com can supply a slipcover for it. Bemz has slipcovers for most armchairs and sofas, including discontinued models.
Tim | Bemz.com

Jill said...

I love all of your redecorating ideas! I can't wait to see before's and after's!!! And that book shelf?! I TOTALLY saw that in PBK's and have been begging my dad to help me build one ever since I was preg with Ayden! Obviously, it's never happened, and probably won't at this rate...but I'm not clever enough to do it on my own. You'd have no problem, though! It's so cute!