[twenty seven]

Happy 27th Birthday, Trask!!

Today my husband and very best friend turns twenty seven! If you know Trask, then consider yourself lucky. If you don't know Trask, you should, because boy are you missing out on one great guy! Here's a list of 27 random things that I love about the Birthday Boy. Please note that there are way more qualities/items to list, he isn't only 27 items worth of cool - he's much, much more!

Let's start backwards, it'll be fun...

27 - Trask is hilarious, always. Even when he's not trying to be. Sometimes that is when he is the funniest.

26 - He stands tall at about 6 feet 6 1/2 inches and this is convenient because he can reach things I cannot. He is also asked at the store by cute, short old ladies to get things off the shelf for them, a lot.

25 - To go along with the last point, he always helps others reach things, even strangers, with a smile. Yes, he's that nice!

24 - Trask is the best dad a son could ever wish for. He is so involved, so caring, so fun, and he works so hard to help raise Taylor with love and laughter - obviously Taylor and I both adore him for this. Taylor adores him and lights up even at the mention of Trask, and that makes me so happy.

23 - He also happens to be an awesome husband! I kinda knew he would be as soon as I met him that cold day in December of 2000. He is sweet and kind. He still gives me butterflies and I am still shocked he chose me. I feel like I conned him into this somehow. He's just a great husband, I am blessed. So is he. Ha.

22 - Funny things happen to Trask. You name it, and it's happened to him. Any socially awkward situation, weird sighting, strange phenomenon you could ever imagine - it's happened to Trask, he's been a witness. From crazy naked people on their hotel balconies that he can see from his office to a few hobos running down the street trying to urinate on a man, to having to chase cattle off of the putting green of a golf course in the city and being on the news, to browsing through a cart of someone else's groceries unknowingly (thinking it was a reduced-price cart) while the person just watched, everything happens to Trask or in front of Trask.

21 - To add to the previous, Trask is a great story teller. Not that he makes up stories, but the accounts that he tells of his encounters. They are pee-your-pants-and-not-just-a-dribble funny. I live for hearing about the things that happen to this guy. My favorite thing about Trask telling stories is watching him laugh and watching his eyes tear up from laughing too hard.

20 - Silly human tricks. Trask can blow air out of one of his eyes. Well, one of his tear ducts. And being so tall, he has a lot of extra skin. One wouldn't know it by looking at him, he does not look like a basset hound, but if you grab the skin by his jaw and pull out, he looks like the lizard from The Rescuers Down Under. Remember that movie?

19 - I love that Trask is left-handed. I am not sure why. It just makes me view him as more interesting and more intelligent. Could be wrong, but it feels right.

18 - Kids love Trask. They flock to him as though he's a piece of playground equipment. Kids who used to come running up to see me quit doing that and would run to Trask once he came into my life. He stole the kids who used to adore me and somehow a sort of fan-club started. Just ask Jordan and AJ!

17 - Trask is smart, and I love a smart guy. And he's more than just a smart-ass (although he very much is one!), he's intelligent. I love listening him talk about his work and projects - his brain is pretty dang sexy.

16 - Despite having such big feet - they don't stink at all! I love and appreciate that!

15 - He cooks! Perhaps he cooks because he wouldn't get to eat if he didn't, but despite that fact, he cooks. A bigger plus is that what he cooks usually tastes great! He even cooks after a long day at work. That makes me sound awful, right? Sometimes we cook together. He never wears my aprons.

14 - KIND. Trask has a sweet, pure heart. He is a caring guy that genuinely cares about the well-being of others, whether it's a family member, friend, stranger or just the community, Trask's heart is wonderful and caring. I love that. I love that a lot.

13 - He likes sports. I am not sure why I love this so much, but I really do. I enjoy sports, not as much as he does, but it's fun to watch games together and see him get worked up over bad calls or a team losing. It amazes me how much he can know about a team or a player, but he can't always remember things on a to-do list. Must be separate sections of the brain.

12 - I love my husband's love of sweets. Rather than finding a phone number in Trask's pocket while doing laundry, I find candy bar wrappers. Yes. Often. The guy loves a Snickers or two, and loves to horde the wrappers away in his pockets. This can also include receipts, too. His pockets are like a fancy filing system that I will never understand.

11 - I love that Trask drives when we go on trips so I don't have to. I love that he lets me fall asleep in the car with my mouth wide open and he doesn't make fun of me that much. Some, but not too much.

10 - Trask talks in his sleep and that's very entertaining to me. I think it's cute and funny, and I love things that are cute and funny. When he was sleep-deprived with me after Taylor was born, oh man, he was hilarious. I will tell stories later, remind me.

9 - Trask takes our dog, Maddie, out every morning and each night. I love him for it. Man, he really does a lot around here!!

8 - I love how down-to-earth Trask is. He's practical, simple and teaches me so much about what's really important in life. He's not materialistic, and is never selfish, ever. Wonderful!!

7 - Trask has good taste in music. He introduced me to Jack Johnson and Amos Lee's music, and many others. I always pretend to hate it at first, because I get so mad he always finds the good stuff, and seems unimpressed when I sing Rhianna's 'Umbrella' song. What?! Is that not cool?! Trask ALWAYS finds the cool music.

6 - Trask is fun to play games and competitions with! He's the perfect amount of intense and relaxed. A deadly combination, but perfect when I am throwing a hissy-fit because I am losing. He's so relaxed, even at games. This must be where opposites attract. He's always calm enough to calm ME down so I don't get in fist fights with family members while playing Sorry or Apples to Apples. Thanks, honey.

5 - Trask gives great hugs. Great hugs. Not limp, dumb ones. Great ones.

4 - I love Trask's honesty and compassion. I love that he's helped me through so much and has never left my side. He is always here when I need him, always. He is the most dependable person ever and I can count on him for anything. I know I can trust that he will be with me forever and that my heart is safe with him. I love how important family is to him.

3 - Trask loves to camp, hike, fish and be outside. He keeps things fun. From road trips to Wyoming to annual camping at Suttle Lake to long, hot hikes on our honeymoon to drives to Oceanside to going to the park - he loves to be outside. I like almost all of that, too.

2 - His name is Trask. I like watching him tell people this. I like watching people get confused and call him Charles, or Travis, or other fun names. I like when people think that Trask is his last name and Rogers is his first name. I love hearing Trask explain his name when people ask, and they always do. 'It's the name of a river and mountain my folks grew up by' over and over and over. But he's still so nice about it. Until they call him Charles again, after he corrects them a thousand times.

1 - I love Trask because I wouldn't know what to do without him. He is so much a part of me and who I am that there's no way I couldn't love him. I adore him. There are no words for the love I have for him, but I kinda think he gets it. I love him for that, too!

Happy Birthday, Trask!! Enjoy today and every day. I love you with all my heart.


Sara said...

that is so sweet! I can't believe people call him Charles...that sounds nothing like Trask.

Kristi said...

You are the coolest wife! I love you came up with a very extensive list about Trask!! That's so cool & I want to be able to do that about whoever I marry!!

Happy Birthday Trask!!

Amber said...

That was great! My husband is going to be 29 for the 3rd time tomorrow. (shhhh! don't tell anyone)