a little letter

An Open Letter to All Who Helped,

Firefighters, EMT, etc.

First off, hello sweet Hillsboro firefighters and Metro West EMTs - thank you for coming to my home at 3:15 in the morning and responding so quickly to my husband's 911 call. Upon seeing 6 uniformed hotties in my living room, I kind of felt better, but then I didn't. It's not your fault. Shirts are required, but I so wish they weren't. Maybe in the summer we could try this again. I did like the way you had your suspenders hanging down though. It made me smile even though I was so stinking scared. And sorry I laughed a little bit in my head about your purple latex gloves.

Thank you for making me feel a bit uncomfortable as you asked me about barfing and diarrhea. None of which were present or the case. Still liked talking to you all about it. And I forgive you for all the questions you kept asking me, mainly when you kept asking me if I was pregnant. I told you NO.

Thanks for not making fun of me for wearing all black, and for hardly being able to open my eyes because I was so dizzy. My husband always calls that my burglar outfit. You guys have more tact.

Thank you for not waking up my son so early in the morning. He's never a sound sleeper, but somehow this time he was. Or you guys were quiet like church mice. However, Taylor was bummed to find out that he missed the firefighters in the living room, the ambulance and the fire truck. And I am mad that Trask didn't take pictures. Where are my priorities? Where are his?

Thank you for telling me I should go to the Emergency Room, but not making me ride in the Ambulance, because I was way too scared to do that and the sirens just annoy the crap out of me.

Oh yeah, and thanks for asking if I was always that pale. I'm working on it! Self-tanner isn't easy, come-on! I was already cursing the fact that the first time I get to hang out with you fine gentlemen, and I do mean fine, that I didn't have my make up on, or my teeth brushed, or clean hair. Regrets. Those will haunt me for years to come. I wanted you all to think I was amazing. You probably still think so, but for other reasons.

Emergency Room

Big shout out to all the citizens of Hillsboro! Thank you for not all having emergencies at once. The emergency room waiting room was EMPTY. Thank you for this and for not having to wait.

Thank you for IVs in my arm to replenish my fluids. Thank you for not hurting me while drawing blood or putting in the said IV. Thank you for the warm blanket you covered me with.

Thank you for not getting mad at my son who wanted to play with the hospital bed and the garbage cans at 4 in the morning.

While all the staff was wonderful, the X-Ray Gal who wheeled me down to do x-rays really scared me. Really, really scared me. She talked without opening her mouth, and she was, erm, really, erm, different. I wasn't sure that she should be in charge of pushing my hospital bed down halls and around corners, especially when she weighs about the same as one of my thighs. The poor thing.

Oh, and there was one nurse that sassed my mother in law. Don't do that again. She's a saint!

Thank you, Emergency Room, for being so wonderful that I went there twice in one day. First visit from 4 am to about 7:45 am, second visit from 4:45 pm to 10:30 pm. Thank you for no lines either time.

Thank you to all the nice nurses I had, especially Wendy, who kept saying I was knocked up, even though I wasn't. And thanks to both doctors, they were so nice.

Thanks to the interesting people watching in the hall of the ER while I was laying in bed all sleep-deprived and hydrated, and special big thanks to Trask for laughing at them with me.

Friends and Family

Thank you so much to my mom who came up and took care of me from Friday through Sunday. You're the best, Mom, thanks!

Thank you to my Ma-in-Law, Gail, for coming over on Friday to take me back to the ER. And thanks for joking around with me to distract me from being so nauseous and dizzy. Sorry I have such a potty-oriented sense of humor. You do well putting up with me.

Thank you to all my friends and family for checking in on me on facebook, by calling and emailing. You guys are wonderful.

Thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.


Thank you Albuterol. Thank you anti-nausea medicine. Thank you Dramamine. Thank you antibiotics.

NO thank you ever again Ibuprofen, I will never take you again. I think I hate you.

And again, thank you to the IV in my arm, both times. You made me feel awesome. Even though now my arm is all sticky from tape and bruised.

Lessons Learned

I have learned that hallucinations are very scary, as are panic attacks. They make your heart rate go berserk and then make your hands and legs go numb and hot.

I have learned that vertigo is crazy scary.

I learned that it is possible to sleep from Friday night until Sunday morning without really realizing it.

I will soon learn how much this will all cost. Without insurance. I am hoping this won't cause another panic attack.

Well, I will blog more later, but I am feeling dizzy once again. Off to hydrate and rest.

Really, thank you, all, for your kind words. Hopefully I'll be back to 'normal' soon.

Shauna out!


Sara said...

I love you and I'm glad you're ok! I loved the part about the firemen :)

Kearsie said...

Poor poor Shauna. And Trask. And Taylor. I hope and pray that your body, while not knocked up, will be kind to you and that you will rest and have help when you need it, and an appetite, and a thirst, and good things to eat when you experience said appetite and good things to drink when you experience said thirst. And that the dehydration goes away, this will all be a hazy dream that involved hunky firefighters. And maybe in said dream you will replace black burglar outfit with sexy black neglige and then the dream will become something you shan't blog about.

Kristi said...

I love you dear friend!! I'm sorry that you have had such a rough week!!! I do like your humor in blogging about it though. That brings me great joy...mostly cause I know (or hope) it's cause you are feeling better!!

Jill said...

I hate how sick you are, but at least you're still incredibly entertaining when you're not well!!! And will you give me what you have so I can have some sassy firemen come to MY HOUSE??? I have to remember to throw up a lot in order to lose 20lbs, wear make up, and do my hair (none of which I've done in days, if not weeks...) when they arrive though. I hope you feel better soon, Shauna! I love love love you!

w said...

ok. so i'm finally able to sit down and read this.

and i realize now what has caused your 'out of body' experience.

it was beating me at scrabble.

so. neverfear. trask shan't need to call 911 ever again. because. um. i only allow 1 win.