{monday, monday}

Today is Monday. I don't like Mondays. Mondays for me, mean laundry, cleaning the house and Trask-withdrawals. All are painful. What do Mondays mean for you?

Today, though, wasn't too bad.

What made this Monday more tolerable than usual? I will tell you.

I went on a walk with Taylor this morning because it was dry and the sun was out. It was still butt-cold. AND Taylor wore his hat {pictured} that my friend Amber made him. Check out her shop here.

I got to take a nap with my kidlet in a nice warm bed.

I have been productive with laundry and even with putting it away. That is the part that always kills me.

I get to find out if I am getting another niece or a nephew tonight!

Taylor is officially potty-trained! Minus the accidents during nap time! He has been out of daytime diapers since January 29th! That's 18 days!!

That's about it. Oh, no, one more thing. I know what we're having for dinner - chicken tacos. Yum. Hope everyone survived their Monday


Sara said...

did you get a niece or a nephew?

Sarah said...

That is the sweetest photo ever! I usually love Mondays...yes, I hate the catch-up-work, but I love the quiet with all the kids back in school...and our routine back.

Egghead said...

OK now I have that song stuck in my head. I want a nap too.