it happened

Summer and I set off last night at six to begin our journey of meeting Heather Armstrong of Dooce.

Traffic was a dream come true. My magic Subaru turned the on-ramp signals off and away we went, zooming into downtown Portland with ease, grace and glory. We parked in Trask's office building's parking lot (with a very official parking permit) and set off on foot to find Powell's Bookstore (with written walking directions from Trask, as it is very possible Summer and I could get lost in a box).

We're early. Really early. So we stop by Henry's for a quick bite to eat. Oh, the famous last words, 'a quick bite to eat'. Yeah, no. It took forever to get our food, and when it came to the table we had to make our waitress box it up right away so we wouldn't be late. She wasn't a happy camper, but it's not wise to argue with a pregnant lady who is very tall and sassy or with a girl who crimped her hair and always has a bit of a crazed look in her eye (the left squinty eye is the one you have to watch out for).

So out of Henry's we go, doting our delicious smelling meatloaf sandwich and Alaskan cod fish and chips in the biggest paper bag you've seen. The waitress must have wanted to embarrass us. Ha. Little did she know what we go through on a daily basis - please, give us a challenge.

We get to Powell's hungry but happy to be there, and when we get to the room where the book reading and signing is going to take place, it is already packed, and we're still there 30 minutes before it starts! Summer and I grabbed a great spot in the back of the chairs, but in direct sight of where Heather would be standing! We made friends with others while we waited, and they had to close the room it was so full, leaving many sad women waiting outside. Sad. But it wasn't me, so I got over it pretty quick.

First impression: dang! Heather is cute and tall! And her Southern accent, too stinkin' cute! It was so much fun to hear her speak and it was really satisfying that not only is she funny when she writes, but she's funny when she talks, too! I wish I had both powers. Or one of those powers.

Heather read 2 parts from her book and had the whole room laughing, as she was wiping her eyes from laughing so hard, too. It was awesome to see that she was very much a humble, real person just like anyone else, and to meet her was awesome.

After the reading and some questions, she opened it up to autographs. Summer and I snagged a pretty good spot in line, and again, made some friends. I was a nervous wreck to meet her, only because when I get nervous my mouth and brain don't communicate and even though I think I know what I am going to say, my mouth likes to make last-minute changes, almost never to my benefit.

I did tell Heather thank you so much for featuring lemon drop studio on her website and how honored I was that she did that, and that it tripled my sales and that I somehow thought I was cool now, only to be reminded by my loving friends and family that I am not. She was great, kind, and genuinely seemed happy to meet everyone. I got my picture taken with her and she was so nice about it. She's still a favorite!

So upon meeting one of my most favorite people ever, it was time to eat! Summer and I rushed out of Powell's and found outdoor seating around the corner from the store and parked our asses and fed our faces. The food was still a little warm, by the way.

We then walked to the car talking and talking and talking, and drove home talking and talking and talking. What a great night!

Thanks Summer, for coming with me! Thanks Heather for being so amazing! Thanks fun friends we met at the reading! Wait, you don't know I blog, you won't ever see this, but I blogged about you!!

I wish this happened every Monday night.



Real quick. If you could cross your fingers and toes for me tonight, or say a prayer, or think a happy thought, I would love it. I get to go see Heather Armstrong (Dooce) tonight at Powell's Bookstore for a reading and signing of her new book It Sucked and Then I Cried. I am so excited that Heather is in Portland.

So why the prayers and good thoughts and finger crossing, you ask. It's because I am hoping I don't creep her out and say something insane or creepy or just scare her and somehow induce labor. I am hoping I don't have to, ahem, *whispers* break wind. I am hoping that I don't make a fool out of myself and fall and break my nose. All of these things are very real for me, and very likely!

In case you are wondering how I could possibly be creepy, please read my other post about Heather and when lemon drop studio's goodies were featured on her Daily Style section of Dooce here. You'll then soon understand.

I'll fill you all in on me and Summer's night! Wish me luck!


Gimme That, Thursday

Welcome to Gimme That, Thursday, so happy you're here - thanks for coming back! This week's Gimme That, Thursday is focused on the bedroom, inspired by the painful mattress hunting that has been occurring lately at home, as well as re-thinking the bedroom decor. Enjoy!

I am just love this bedding and pillows from Pottery Barn's Organic Line, in the green color, perhaps with some yellows as accents. I love how fresh and simple it is, since even though I am a gal who loves color, I want a room that is calm, too. This Organic Embroidered Dot Duvet Cover is definitely on my wish-list that seemingly never ends.

This pillow from Joom's Etsy shop is simply amazing. I love everything in the shop, but this hot pink bird on cherry blossom pillow is heaven. I know it'd look so fun and springy, especially with some fun greens. You must go check out Joom's Etsy shop, you will not be disappointed.

Last but not least is this amazingly simple and beautiful Papercut Print by Etsy's Fog and Thistle. The shop is wonderful and fresh, the talent is incredible. I love several of the papercut prints, but this one would match my bedroom and I love it's simplicity. And you can even purchase it in the frame, saving yourself a trip trying to find the frame that works. Fog and Thistle got it right - this is wonderful!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's Gimme That, Thursday. I'll leave you with this reminder: I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



am I being mocked?

Taylor has been a ham this morning. A ham with a side of silly. A heaping pile of silly.

Taylor keeps telling me that I am 'super cute' over and over and over. It was making him laugh so hard each time he'd say it. So, does he mean it, or is he telling a joke?

He then points to me and says 'Making you laugh, Mom, making you laugh'. I still don't get it. Is he mocking me?

I am very confused.



Trask, Taylor and I were in the car today going from mattress store to mattress store on a hunt. A hunt for a mattress. You're probably smart enough to have assumed that's what we were doing at a mattress store. Well done.

This is a dialogue between me and Trask, while Taylor is in the back avidly reading and talking to a Thomas the Tank Engine book.

T: I am excited to go to Asheville {North Carolina} in July.

S: Yeah, me too. I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. I have heard it's so beautiful. I bet we go there and I end up wanting to move there.

T: That wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd love to live over there.

S: It's really far away from family. I guess that wouldn't always be a bad thing. It'd make it hard for visits.

T: That's what holidays are for.

S: I'm blogging this. Does your mom read my blog much?

Trask and I are going to Asheville NC in July for my friend Shaunna's wedding and I am really looking forward to it! I haven't been over there before, so it'll be a treat. I have been smitten with all the pictures I have seen and all Shaunna's stories about Asheville. I just can't wait, I am praying I'll somehow develop an accent in the 3-4 days we'll be there. This will be my first big trip away from Taylor, and I think I'll be okay! I know I'll miss him, but I think it'll be a blast for Trask and I to get away for a bit. Woo hoo!



You all know I've been in this apartment for almost 4 years. Wow. That's a long time to be in an apartment with tall, white walls. I am starting to go insane. I think I'm going to paint the kitchen in the next few weeks - it'll give a nice pop of color in the open kitchen, and it won't cost a fortune because there's not much wall to paint! Win-win.

So what do you guys think? I want to go fun and bold (of course!). The cupboards are white, so I am thinking any color will make the kitchen pop. I am thinking either lemon, tangerine or a fun green. Any suggestions? Know a paint color or wall I'd love? send me the link!

I just took this fun color personality test, you should go try it out, lots of fun!! Supposedly I am Al Fresco. Feels fancy.

Help an indecisive girl out, would you!! Think fun, happy and well, fun.


Gimme That, Thursday

Hey, hi, yo - thanks for coming back! This week's Gimme That, Thursday is full of fun and color. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Let's get started.
Spring is here, and so is the rain, so wouldn't these little beauties just make your feet feel awesome? These are the Citrus City Rain Boots! I love citrus fruits and the colors - amazing. And they are priced at 25 bucks. Target, you did it again, and I love you for it!

How can you look at this bag and not smile!? Blog fans, please welcome J.Crew's Uptown Tote to your wish list! The color is perfect and doesn't it look so soft? I imagine that if I put this bag on my shoulder, my body would shrink up to a cute size 4. And that, my friends, is fun to imagine. Yum. J Crew got it right.

I wouldn't mind setting an alarm if I had this one set on my cute blue drawers by my bedside. I just love, love, love this orange round clock. I wonder if it 'tick tocks' super loud, because that really drives me insane (not that I am far from that anyway). I am loving orange - isn't it lovely? For more orange inspiration, go here.

Alibli's simple U-Hoop earrings that go with everything, everyday! Just my style! I really love these earrings and the rest of Alibli's shop has even more amazing goodies. You have to stop by and take a look around this etsy shop, you'll find something nice to give you that lift for spring (dare I say it'll put a SPRING in your step?!). Sorry for the pun.

Thanks for tuning in to Gimme That, Thursday! It was a blast to come up with t
his week's collection! I'll be back!!

I'll leave you with this reminder:
I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



Gimme That, Thursday

Hi Guys!

This is a new 'nugget of wonderful' that my blog will be featuring each and every Thursday, called Gimme That, Thursday. I am going to show you all what is on my never-ending wish list. Intriguing, yes. Fun, check! Stay tuned each Thursday to see what made the list, whether it's a fun goodie from Etsy or a new haircut, cute dog or fun-colored spatula, we'll have fun. There's no rhyme or reason, just a fun feature to keep you coming back for more!

This week's Gimme That, Thursday comes from some of my favorites on Etsy. Sit back and enjoy, and make sure you check out the major talent from these Etsy shops!

This little beauty is just the cutest bracelet. I love how simple it is! It's from the etsy shop MindyKuen, and you can go check out her shop here. I love how I could wear this all the time and it would look so cute with jeans and a t-shirt.

Along with the simple and fun jewelry theme, here's another from my favorites. This is from an Etsy shop called Rachael Sudlow Jewelry, and you should go check her shop out, too! Aren't these earrings just so sweet?!

I have been admiring this cute collage made from recycled magazines for awhile now, and I just think it would look cute in the house. I like how light-hearted it is, and makes me happy every time I see it. It makes you happy, too, right?! Unless you're scared of dogs... Anyway, go check it out at Cut N Glue's shop, here. I really think it's time I stop admiring it from the computer screen and buy it already!

Last but not least, look at these whale pillows! Aren't they lovely and fun?! I could just eat them up, but I don't eat whales, or pillows, but I could just throw a few on the couch or on Taylor's bed, right!? These whale pillows are found in the KateDurkin etsy shop. Go take a look around and I dare you not to fall in love with something. Well, no, that's not the point. Go fall in love with something!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Gimme That, Thursday! I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!

See you soon!


an overdose of awesome

Guess what just happened?! Last night I got an email from the lovely Misty of Simply Squared Designs asking me to make her a huge order of scalloped paper circles to use as sales tags for her frames. I was so excited that I said 'yes', of course. BUT, then I went to go stalk her, I mean, check out her blog, and you guys... the frames are AMAZING. I am not talking about 'eh, they are pretty cute'. NO, I am talking about frames that are so cute it makes my whole body shake with excitement!

Okay, enough being weird. I am just going to share a couple goodies from Simply Squared Designs and let you decide for yourself. I know you'll love 'em! I will be purchasing some frames, I can't wait, just have to wait to get Taylor's pictures taken (which my friend Julie is doing tomorrow, but that's another post...).

Please go see Misty's blog, you can visit her by clicking here.

** All the pictures on this post came from Simply Squared Designs' blog, with permission from Misty! Thanks so much for ordering my tags, Misty! **



Today is a really hard day for me. March 5th. My Grandpa Neff would be 78 years old today, but he passed away 5 years ago, today, on his birthday.
I miss my Grandpa everyday, but on this day especially. I remember all the good times, and there were thousands. My Grandpa was so involved and I always looked forward to time with him, phone calls from him and family get togethers. I think about him every single day.

Some of you were lucky enough to meet my Grandpa, so you guys kind of understand, but those who didn't get to meet him, it's so hard to sit here and try to explain all the reasons I loved him and how deeply my heart aches because he is gone.

My Grandpa loved airplanes. I loved going to the airport with him to watch the planes take off, while eating foot-long hot dogs. He used to take me to Dunkin Donuts and I'd sit at the counter with him on the swivel chairs. He always came to my track meets, volleyball and softball games even though he was 2 hours away. He frequented a wonderful place called Stanich's, to eat one of the biggest burgers ever, topped with an egg, ham and all sorts of messy goodness. At other places, he loved ordering liver and onions, and I always gave him grief about that, teasing him relentlessly. When he'd come to Eugene to visit we'd go to a little diner, and he'd only go if Sean was cooking. Only Sean could cook his liver and onions the right way. Oh, and my Grandpa was a Ladies Man. He even had a crush on my school-bus driver in middle school, and yes, he did visit a bit more often on school days then!!

I had promised to make him liver and onions on his 73rd birthday, but never had the chance. That just kills me. He passed away at the same time I was getting in the car with my mom, sister and Trask to go up to see him. That kills me, too.

I remember all the good times, the fun times, and all the wonderful memories and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Neffendorf Family. So to honor him, today my family meets at Stanich's to have a huge burger. And we camp at Suttle Lake every Labor Day, a favorite camping spot Grandpa loved. We do all these things to hold on to a wonderful guy that left too soon. And he passed away on his birthday. This, strangely, makes me smile. He was just too stubborn to not make it to 73.

Grandpa, I miss you so very much. I'll be thinking about you today, as always. I miss our phone calls, the smell of your Paul Mitchell hairspray, your hugs, your jokes and just time with you. I miss you asking me who the heck Tom Green was. Please show me a bi-plane today, I could really use a smile. Happy Birthday, Grandpa.

Love you. Miss you. Always.



One day Winn dropped by my blog and entered a giveaway. I don't know how she found me and my blog, but I am happy that she did. No, I am thrilled. She instantly won me over by doubting the validity of the Random Number Generator, and when she left that comment on my blog, it's like she left it on my heart, too. In permanent marker. In green ink. A fun spring green.

Winn ended up winning the giveaway, because she is a winner. And now I'm the winner, because we've been in contact ever since. A facebook message here, a wall post there, a fun surprise in the mail, a shout out on a blog, a giveaway together, and often scrabble games that end in me crying because I lose so horribly, and much more. She is the reason I make dude cards. She is the reason I wake up in the morning, among other reasons.

I wronged Winn. I shamed her and made her microchip malfunction. She cried. Over me. I did a dumb thing. I forgot to tell you blog readers that she is doing the Pay It Forward post on her blog and she's the one giving 10 lucky people something from her sweet fingers.

Winn, please forgive me. Please.

Readers, go give her extra blog-love. She's a sweet one. And super funny. Go see her blog here.

Winn... I think I love you!

[yo] pay it forward

I have seen a few blogs doing this 'Pay It Forward' post and I just had to jump on board. I am not cool enough to think of these things, but I feel pretty dang cool participating in them and passing them along. And I like to feel cool. Is that a crime? I hope not, I am terrified of jail.



For the first 6 people that leave a comment on this blog post and PROMISE to do a Pay It Forward post on their own blog in the future, I will send them a little package of goodies. And it'll be like a little present in your mailbox. And you'll like it. And it'll make your day, and it'll make your day even more when you Pay It Forward on your own blog.

So, leave me a comment and let's Pay It Forward. Make sure when you comment you leave me your email or etsy name or some way to contact you, because I will have to get your mailing address so I can send you love and goodies. Or just goodies.

Okay, ready, set, go... let's Pay It Forward, friends!

**PS: And you say why 6 people, that's a strange number. And then I say, I saw one blog do 10 and the other blog do 3, so I chose a number in between. Thanks.



So I got a Dear John letter in the mail the other day from my hair stylist, telling me she was moving to another salon. I would follow her, but it's way too far away. I already was driving 30-40 minutes to get to her as it was. I cried a bit, but then listened to 'I Will Survive' by my sweet lady Gloria Gaynor and I immediately felt better. I had to move on. The time was now.

I sprung into action and called a local hair salon 5 minutes down the street from where I live. I called and asked if anyone had time for a fast appointment - I just wanted bangs.

The amazing girl on the phone told me to come in and I'd have an appointment with Shawn, that same day. Like 30 minutes after I made the call. Nice.

You guys... I had a hair stylist rebound. A rebound! And you know what? I think I found my new stylist. On a rebound. Life is good.

So I had an amazing visit with Shawn, my new stylist. She is lovely and great and nice and gets my humor. She laughed at things I said. She fixed my bangs, and then addressed my Keith Urban mullet, and totally fixed it. I now think I love my hair again. It's been a long time.

We have another date on March 14th. I can't wait. What will I wear?

Can you believe it?! I broke up/got dumped by my former hair stylist and I found a new one all in 2 days!! On a rebound. A rebound.

update time

Hi Friends!

Let me just tell you, it's so much easier to blog when I am not dizzy and feeling sick! I don't have much to say, since I have been trying to rest as much as possible. I would tell you my dreams, but then you'd commit me to a mental hospital, and believe me, I have enough medical bills for awhile. So I guess I won't be revealing my dreams, yet.

I am starting to feel human again. It feels nice. I like this. I am hoping the germs and sicknesses stay away from me for a good, long while. Sheesh.

So what's new? Well, not much. I guess I just popped in to say I MISS YOU ALL. Oh, and I guess I can tell you that I ate a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen yesterday. It was delicious.

I swear I had something to tell... but I guess I forgot. Darn. I'll be back later, when and if I remember.