Trask, Taylor and I were in the car today going from mattress store to mattress store on a hunt. A hunt for a mattress. You're probably smart enough to have assumed that's what we were doing at a mattress store. Well done.

This is a dialogue between me and Trask, while Taylor is in the back avidly reading and talking to a Thomas the Tank Engine book.

T: I am excited to go to Asheville {North Carolina} in July.

S: Yeah, me too. I can't wait. It's going to be so much fun. I have heard it's so beautiful. I bet we go there and I end up wanting to move there.

T: That wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd love to live over there.

S: It's really far away from family. I guess that wouldn't always be a bad thing. It'd make it hard for visits.

T: That's what holidays are for.

S: I'm blogging this. Does your mom read my blog much?

Trask and I are going to Asheville NC in July for my friend Shaunna's wedding and I am really looking forward to it! I haven't been over there before, so it'll be a treat. I have been smitten with all the pictures I have seen and all Shaunna's stories about Asheville. I just can't wait, I am praying I'll somehow develop an accent in the 3-4 days we'll be there. This will be my first big trip away from Taylor, and I think I'll be okay! I know I'll miss him, but I think it'll be a blast for Trask and I to get away for a bit. Woo hoo!


Kearsie said...

I love Asheville!! It's full of diverse folks and beauty and it's really crowded and fun.

Plus, it's only like 6 hours away by car, so we might could ACTUALLY meet for lunch somewhere.

w said...

i am so telling!

Angela said...

My husband and I went there on our honeymoon! It is so beautiful. Yes, you will want to move there!