Real quick. If you could cross your fingers and toes for me tonight, or say a prayer, or think a happy thought, I would love it. I get to go see Heather Armstrong (Dooce) tonight at Powell's Bookstore for a reading and signing of her new book It Sucked and Then I Cried. I am so excited that Heather is in Portland.

So why the prayers and good thoughts and finger crossing, you ask. It's because I am hoping I don't creep her out and say something insane or creepy or just scare her and somehow induce labor. I am hoping I don't have to, ahem, *whispers* break wind. I am hoping that I don't make a fool out of myself and fall and break my nose. All of these things are very real for me, and very likely!

In case you are wondering how I could possibly be creepy, please read my other post about Heather and when lemon drop studio's goodies were featured on her Daily Style section of Dooce here. You'll then soon understand.

I'll fill you all in on me and Summer's night! Wish me luck!


-Trask said...


Angela said...

I loved tonight's post! I also enjoyed the other one about the style section. You are too funny! I really enjoy your blog.

Sara said...

have fun and good luck! I bet she will adore you.

sarah said...

I'm sure you will be fine. Just be yourself and remember to enjoy it!