Gimme That, Thursday

Hey, hi, yo - thanks for coming back! This week's Gimme That, Thursday is full of fun and color. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Let's get started.
Spring is here, and so is the rain, so wouldn't these little beauties just make your feet feel awesome? These are the Citrus City Rain Boots! I love citrus fruits and the colors - amazing. And they are priced at 25 bucks. Target, you did it again, and I love you for it!

How can you look at this bag and not smile!? Blog fans, please welcome J.Crew's Uptown Tote to your wish list! The color is perfect and doesn't it look so soft? I imagine that if I put this bag on my shoulder, my body would shrink up to a cute size 4. And that, my friends, is fun to imagine. Yum. J Crew got it right.

I wouldn't mind setting an alarm if I had this one set on my cute blue drawers by my bedside. I just love, love, love this orange round clock. I wonder if it 'tick tocks' super loud, because that really drives me insane (not that I am far from that anyway). I am loving orange - isn't it lovely? For more orange inspiration, go here.

Alibli's simple U-Hoop earrings that go with everything, everyday! Just my style! I really love these earrings and the rest of Alibli's shop has even more amazing goodies. You have to stop by and take a look around this etsy shop, you'll find something nice to give you that lift for spring (dare I say it'll put a SPRING in your step?!). Sorry for the pun.

Thanks for tuning in to Gimme That, Thursday! It was a blast to come up with t
his week's collection! I'll be back!!

I'll leave you with this reminder:
I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



sassypackrat said...

Love the rain boots! I'm going to get some for mucking about in the backyard this Spring.

Sara said...

I love all those things! The boots are especially cute and I have been needing some for a while!

Angela said...

You have to put that orange clock in your "cute corner" I LOVE orange and blue together.

w said...

please buy me the purse.


Amber said...

That bag is awesome! I've also been considering a pair of Wellies (5 yrs in OR and I finally bought myself a raincoat. Baby steps.)