it happened

Summer and I set off last night at six to begin our journey of meeting Heather Armstrong of Dooce.

Traffic was a dream come true. My magic Subaru turned the on-ramp signals off and away we went, zooming into downtown Portland with ease, grace and glory. We parked in Trask's office building's parking lot (with a very official parking permit) and set off on foot to find Powell's Bookstore (with written walking directions from Trask, as it is very possible Summer and I could get lost in a box).

We're early. Really early. So we stop by Henry's for a quick bite to eat. Oh, the famous last words, 'a quick bite to eat'. Yeah, no. It took forever to get our food, and when it came to the table we had to make our waitress box it up right away so we wouldn't be late. She wasn't a happy camper, but it's not wise to argue with a pregnant lady who is very tall and sassy or with a girl who crimped her hair and always has a bit of a crazed look in her eye (the left squinty eye is the one you have to watch out for).

So out of Henry's we go, doting our delicious smelling meatloaf sandwich and Alaskan cod fish and chips in the biggest paper bag you've seen. The waitress must have wanted to embarrass us. Ha. Little did she know what we go through on a daily basis - please, give us a challenge.

We get to Powell's hungry but happy to be there, and when we get to the room where the book reading and signing is going to take place, it is already packed, and we're still there 30 minutes before it starts! Summer and I grabbed a great spot in the back of the chairs, but in direct sight of where Heather would be standing! We made friends with others while we waited, and they had to close the room it was so full, leaving many sad women waiting outside. Sad. But it wasn't me, so I got over it pretty quick.

First impression: dang! Heather is cute and tall! And her Southern accent, too stinkin' cute! It was so much fun to hear her speak and it was really satisfying that not only is she funny when she writes, but she's funny when she talks, too! I wish I had both powers. Or one of those powers.

Heather read 2 parts from her book and had the whole room laughing, as she was wiping her eyes from laughing so hard, too. It was awesome to see that she was very much a humble, real person just like anyone else, and to meet her was awesome.

After the reading and some questions, she opened it up to autographs. Summer and I snagged a pretty good spot in line, and again, made some friends. I was a nervous wreck to meet her, only because when I get nervous my mouth and brain don't communicate and even though I think I know what I am going to say, my mouth likes to make last-minute changes, almost never to my benefit.

I did tell Heather thank you so much for featuring lemon drop studio on her website and how honored I was that she did that, and that it tripled my sales and that I somehow thought I was cool now, only to be reminded by my loving friends and family that I am not. She was great, kind, and genuinely seemed happy to meet everyone. I got my picture taken with her and she was so nice about it. She's still a favorite!

So upon meeting one of my most favorite people ever, it was time to eat! Summer and I rushed out of Powell's and found outdoor seating around the corner from the store and parked our asses and fed our faces. The food was still a little warm, by the way.

We then walked to the car talking and talking and talking, and drove home talking and talking and talking. What a great night!

Thanks Summer, for coming with me! Thanks Heather for being so amazing! Thanks fun friends we met at the reading! Wait, you don't know I blog, you won't ever see this, but I blogged about you!!

I wish this happened every Monday night.


Angela said...

It does sound like a fun night!! I am glad you didn't break your nose.

Jill said...

YAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Dooce! I'm so happy you got to meet her in person--her's is the first blog I ever started reading, back when Byron was teenie tiny!! You're so lucky :) Love you!