So I got a Dear John letter in the mail the other day from my hair stylist, telling me she was moving to another salon. I would follow her, but it's way too far away. I already was driving 30-40 minutes to get to her as it was. I cried a bit, but then listened to 'I Will Survive' by my sweet lady Gloria Gaynor and I immediately felt better. I had to move on. The time was now.

I sprung into action and called a local hair salon 5 minutes down the street from where I live. I called and asked if anyone had time for a fast appointment - I just wanted bangs.

The amazing girl on the phone told me to come in and I'd have an appointment with Shawn, that same day. Like 30 minutes after I made the call. Nice.

You guys... I had a hair stylist rebound. A rebound! And you know what? I think I found my new stylist. On a rebound. Life is good.

So I had an amazing visit with Shawn, my new stylist. She is lovely and great and nice and gets my humor. She laughed at things I said. She fixed my bangs, and then addressed my Keith Urban mullet, and totally fixed it. I now think I love my hair again. It's been a long time.

We have another date on March 14th. I can't wait. What will I wear?

Can you believe it?! I broke up/got dumped by my former hair stylist and I found a new one all in 2 days!! On a rebound. A rebound.


w said...

why would anyone call you john? anyhooooo. i'll cut your hair. it wouldn't be pretty. but it'd be by me.

Kearsie said...

Wow. You're really lucky. I go to one of those walk in places. There are nothing but children working there, all are size 2 and have dyed hair. They don't look at you in the eye when you talk, because apparently you are the most boring.person.ever. You tell them how you want your hair and they sort of breathe heavily through their nose like it's the worst decision you can ever make. It's a wee bit traumatic.

This is why I only get my hair cut twice a year. I have to emotionally heal.

Kristi said...

I want pictures!!!

Jill said...

Good God I haven't laughed so hard in a long time as I did at the comment "Keith Urban Mullet"--you, my friend, are funny! I love you!