an overdose of awesome

Guess what just happened?! Last night I got an email from the lovely Misty of Simply Squared Designs asking me to make her a huge order of scalloped paper circles to use as sales tags for her frames. I was so excited that I said 'yes', of course. BUT, then I went to go stalk her, I mean, check out her blog, and you guys... the frames are AMAZING. I am not talking about 'eh, they are pretty cute'. NO, I am talking about frames that are so cute it makes my whole body shake with excitement!

Okay, enough being weird. I am just going to share a couple goodies from Simply Squared Designs and let you decide for yourself. I know you'll love 'em! I will be purchasing some frames, I can't wait, just have to wait to get Taylor's pictures taken (which my friend Julie is doing tomorrow, but that's another post...).

Please go see Misty's blog, you can visit her by clicking here.

** All the pictures on this post came from Simply Squared Designs' blog, with permission from Misty! Thanks so much for ordering my tags, Misty! **


w said...

they are amazing. i think i want to stalk her too. i mean. be her friend.

w said...

well. apparently she heard i was going to stalk her. i mean try to be her friend. so she turned off her comments.

which made me cry. i mean cry.