One day Winn dropped by my blog and entered a giveaway. I don't know how she found me and my blog, but I am happy that she did. No, I am thrilled. She instantly won me over by doubting the validity of the Random Number Generator, and when she left that comment on my blog, it's like she left it on my heart, too. In permanent marker. In green ink. A fun spring green.

Winn ended up winning the giveaway, because she is a winner. And now I'm the winner, because we've been in contact ever since. A facebook message here, a wall post there, a fun surprise in the mail, a shout out on a blog, a giveaway together, and often scrabble games that end in me crying because I lose so horribly, and much more. She is the reason I make dude cards. She is the reason I wake up in the morning, among other reasons.

I wronged Winn. I shamed her and made her microchip malfunction. She cried. Over me. I did a dumb thing. I forgot to tell you blog readers that she is doing the Pay It Forward post on her blog and she's the one giving 10 lucky people something from her sweet fingers.

Winn, please forgive me. Please.

Readers, go give her extra blog-love. She's a sweet one. And super funny. Go see her blog here.

Winn... I think I love you!


w said...

hahahahahahaahaha. psh.

i will be the only one who comments on this. others will read this and think - "oh man. this is lame."

but that's ok. i rescend my "i'm breaking up with you" comment. we are now back together.

and i must also say. you wrote this up pretty dern fast. or did you have this in your archives just waiting for the day i'd break up with you?

anywhoooo. dude.

Carrie said...

Winn is one of my favorite people!!! Glad she got some lurve on your blog!

Insanity Kim said...


Anonymous said...

You love Winn. I love Winn. Is that enough to start a beautiful friendship?

Amber said...

Winn found me on Etsy just like you did. I'm glad and lucky to have both of you as my dudettes.

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