can't stop laughing

If you haven't read the blog Mabel's House, it's about time you start. Soon. How about today? Good.

I will admit that I have an on-again and off-again relationship with this blog, mainly because I read so many, but when I checked in on Liz's wonderful blog today, I was glad I did.

I need to check in on this blog more often, I just have to. I wandered over to this post here and now have tear-stained cheeks from laughing so dang hard!! I feel extra dumb because I am home alone right now, and I was laughing so hard I scared the dog.

Here's another fun post to get you started. Beware, once you read her blog you'll be hooked.


Jill said...

Oh. My. Good. Lord. I just read the Boo Not Everyone Likes It story and about messed myself. I seriously think I might need a change of pants. That was hysterical! What's really bad? It reminds me of me and Wade--I LOVE scaring him to death and he HATES it!!! But I'm not nice like her, I continue to look for perfect opportunities to make him shart himself!

Liz said...

Hi Shauna. Thank you SO much for this sweet compliment! Glad you found it funny. :)