{the castle}

Welcome to our little kingdom, Castle Rogers, or Rogers' Castle, or whatever you want to call our 900 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in the 'burbs.

I took some pictures of my home so you can see what I see everyday.

Enjoy, and please excuse the quality of the pictures. I was trying to take the pictures as quickly as possible, before Taylor pulled all his toys out and before the camera battery died. Since the pictures have been taken, both of the above have happened.

This is my front room. You walk through my front door and BAM, there's my living room. I plan on painting and distressing that dresser on the left hand side. There's also a sliding glass door to the right that leads to our patio.

And this is the couch that is evil and springs like to peek out and poke my bum when I am snuggling in with popcorn to watch Mama's Family or The Office, and then I say bad words. In my mind.

Our apartment is very open, so the dining room/craft nook, kitchen and living room are kind of one big area, so I can see everything that happens in the place, no matter where I am. So, here are some pictures of my kitchen, the bar, and my craft nook and dining room table. Both of these pictures are taken from the front door, basically.

My desk - this shares the same wall as the front door. The front door is to the right, and there's a small little dividing 1/2 wall between this corner and the door.

The first room you get to is Taylor's bedroom, and it's huge. And it has french doors, kinda. It makes me feel really fancy. I wonder if it makes him feel fancy. I'll have to ask him. His room is at an angle from the living room and kitchen.

This is my hall. Exciting, I know.

Straight down the hall is our bedroom. And to the right is the hall closet that is too small to fit hangers, and the next door down on the right is the bathroom. It's nothing magical.

Here's our bedroom, which is at the very end of the hall. It's not very exciting, but we got a new mattress, so my back is pretty happy at least.

This is Maddie's condo. It used to be Taylor's table. She's adjusting, but I think she'll like it eventually. Maybe.

Well, that's my home. We've been here for almost four years. I am holding out until we can buy a home. I pray that day is near!


sassypackrat said...

If my kids and I lived in your appartment we couldn't walk around because of all the stuff I have. I'm such a pack rat! You do such a good job of maximizing your space!
Thanks for sharing!

Kearsie said...

I adore glimpses into my friends' homes like this, because I'm nosey-er, I mean interested in how they live. You have polka dots in your hall and bathroom. All more reasons to admire and adore you.

Sara said...

that couch has always treated me with respect and comfort! sorry it's poking your bum. I do love your dots in the hall. Maybe I'll blog about my condo.

w said...

i'm not sure where i'm supposed to stay when i visit you. i am so not sleeping in the "condo".