Well, things are lookin' a bit different, and better, over at my lemon drop studio blog! Thanks to my sweet friend Brianne (briannebeigh.com), my blog has a new, fresh, clean and awesome look!

At the beginning of this month I told Brianne I was ready for a blog over-haul, but wasn't sure what I wanted, but I knew I wanted it to be different --- well Brianne tackled my disorganized blog and my lack of decision making and grabbed my blog by the horns and told it who was boss.

Brianne did an excellent job and I can't thank her enough! She helped me make decisions I didn't have a clue about, asked great questions and really catered to my scattered mind and the image I had in my mind, but somehow couldn't explain in words. I would recommend Brianne for any print or web design because she's patient, kind and has a great sense of design, and really kept my interest in mind in all that she did.

Thanks for a great over-haul Brianne - you are simply the best!!

To see the rest of my new blog, go hop on over to lemon drop studio right now.

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