finding me

I love Google Analytics. I love it because it tells me how people get to my blog. It also tells me where they are from, and what they are wearing. Just kidding about the last part.

What I like most about GA is seeing what people search for on-line that leads them to clicking on my blog. Evidently my twin sister from a different father and mother likes doing this too, and she posts funny ones on her blog. I want to be even more like Kearsie (if that's possible), so I thought I'd show you a few phrases people search for and somehow wind up on my amazing blog.

Ready, set, go...

cardio yoga
hahaha, I mentioned this once. Because I tried said cardio yoga once. I'm not a fan of almost dying from a heart attack. I bet whoever clicked was very unimpressed with my cardio yoga knowledge.

inside shauna's head
they were looking for me! or wanted to know what was in my head, other than my large + sexy brain.

card making tutrials
I am very intrigued to know what a 'tutrial' is. Is it kind of like a tutorial? hmmmm. Sounds fancy, and I like it.

dooce at powell's blog
hmmm, a dooce lover stalking her at Powell's, or is someone stalking ME, knowing I went to go see Heather at Powell's. Hmmmm. This makes me wish people would comment more. Am I scary?

how to make eyes less squinty in photoshop
we all know I suffer from extreme squint eye. I wonder if they found a way. Certainly not on my blog, as the ever-present squint eye lives!

I am part of the Neffendorf family. Who's trying to find me!?

squinty eye problem
I wouldn't call it a problem. I'd call it a condition, or a certain amazingly high degree of awesomeness and pizazz.

shaunas games
this only reminds me of the Backstreet Boys song 'Quit Playin Games (With My Heart)' and I am very concerned. For many reasons.

This was kind of fun, stay tuned for more.

Uh oh, just found a super disturbing phrase that was typed and led to my blog not once but twice...

shawna gives road head to the almost dead
I want to cry and cry. I told you all, there is no 'w' in my name. Sheesh. Oh, and all the rest of it, that's gross too.

I am off to wash my hands and throw bleach in my eyes.


Angela said...

Right now every one of my keywords have something to do with fried rice. Every last one of them.

sassypackrat said...

O.k. the last one was weird although your comment about it was hilarious!

Julie said...

i've tried and tried to set up GA on my schtuff and i can't get it to work! maybe you can give me a helping hand tomorrow??

Kearsie said...


I love you Shawna.

Also, I think "tutrial" is the British way of saying "tutorial".

And since I love all things British, this is how I'm going to pronounce it from now on.

"Edward, please give me a tutrial on how to kiss a vampire..."