Gimme That, Thursday

It's Thursday, one of my most favorite days ever to blog - here's Gimme That, Thursday. This week I have chosen items with the theme of what I want to wear to Shaunna's wedding in Asheville, North Carolina this July. Sit back and enjoy!!

First thing is first, this Pom Pom Strapless dress by Gap is just perfect! I love that it doesn't have straps, which make my shoulders look even wider than a football players, take away the straps and then the problem goes away, too. I think I have enough on top to hold up the dress! Sorry if I just ruined the cute dress for you. I love how simple it is, and I know it'll be perfect for the nice, warm and humid weather! So cute!
Next are shoes, and I like these ones that I found on Piperlime, but I am not sure if I am completely sold yet. They are Frye's Avery Toe Ring Sandals. They are super cute, but I'd have to see what they looked like on. But I do think that they match the dress well, and Lord knows I can't walk on heels, so this may be the best route for me. Do you guys like them?

Now on to accessorizing, the fun part! These Little Bean Sprout Silver Earrings from Nova Designs on Etsy have been on my favorites list for awhile. I love them! I love the simplicity (I say that a lot), and I like how cute they are. I know I will be purchasing these very soon, because they'll go with everything - oh I love them tons!! The rest of Nova Designs' shop is full of wonderful things, too, go check them out!

A fun, cute, small purse is just what I need, and look at this cute clutch, a small pralines and cream tough ruffles zipper purse! You must go visit Made by Hank's Etsy Shop, it's full of wonderful goodies. I like that it's not flashy, and looks really natural, but still has some girlishness and frills to it - oh man, I really want this. I guess why this post is called "Gimme That, Thursday", right?!

This is the final piece for now, and the cutest of all. This is from an Etsy Shop called Mandizzle. Check out this Pure White Felt Flower Hair Clip (or Brooch). I just love it! I know it'll complete the outfit, isn't it precious and fun?! The rest of Mandizzle's shop is filled with perfect nuggets of wonder and awesome, you must go check her shop out, too.

I hope that this week's Gimme That Thursday helped you find some favorites, too!! See you next week! And as always,
I'll leave you with this reminder: I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



novadesigns said...

yay! Thanks for writing about my little bean sprouts. I think you'll look great for the weeding!


Angela said...

I want the dress and everything from Mandizzle's shop.

I have pretty short hair so I have really been debating on if any of that cute stuff would work in my hair.

sarah said...

Great dress! I think it's perfect and I love love love the color. My brother in law is getting married in June and I haven't even thought about what I'm wearing. Shopping for wedding outfits for my twins will be much easier (and cuter!)

Mandizzle said...

Thank you for featuring me. You are so sweet!

Amber said...

Love it. I want to know how Mandizzle gets her hair to look so perfect in every picture???!!??

Pearl Girl said...

Totally bought the Gimme That Thursday dress at the GAP. When did the GAP start getting cute things again?! It was pretty junky for a while.

I am Julie's crazy friend. You're son is very cute.