Gimme That, Thursday

Friends! Welcome to another Gimme That, Thursday! Thanks for coming back, I was hoping you would.

Today's Gimme That, Thursday focuses on everything below the belt. Sounds racy, right? Well, it's not. It's just good, clean fun and awesome finds. This week's post really sums me up. I am all about being comfy and relaxed and casual. Perhaps it's a west coast thing or it's just a Shauna thing, but I love jeans, flips, painted toes and a t-shirt. Sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth.

First we have the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. These are from Buckle, and they are the BKE Culture Stretch Jeans and believe me, they are heaven to wear. Note that I am not wearing them in this picture. A nice mannequin is. I am not that white. Almost though. Almost. I love everything about these jeans. Good pockets: check. Good fading: check. Nice cut: yes, check. Affordable: yes, check. At under $80, these jeans are a dream come true! And guess what, when you buy from Buckle, they do free hemming to make them the correct length, and not the dumb hemming where you just tuck the pant leg under and sew!! (At least they did hemming at the Eugene location when I lived down there...) SO CUTE. I really need to buy another pair. I haven't worn them in about a year... Putting it on the wish list now!

This belt buckle is amazing, is it not?! So much fun! Not big and bulky and boring. I'd say it's fun, flirty and well, awesome. It's from a great Etsy Shop called M n M Treasures and they have the coolest belt buckles of all sorts of different patterns. My all-time favorite for the time being is this turquoise sunflower jada oval belt buckle (pictured). There is something for everyone. I love how casual they are, and super fun. Go visit MnMTreasures and you'll be happy that you did!! Pinky swear.

Next is this great OPI nail color from their BRIGHTS collection, called That's Hot! Pink. I love OPI and I love pedicures and I am really thinking it's about time to go in. Want to come have a pedicure with me? If you're local to my area, let me know. We'll go get a pedicure and then a lemonade somewhere and chat! As long as you're not a weirdo. No offense.
And now we'll end with the feet. These Rainbow Narrow Strap Expresso Sandals is exactly what I want to wear right now, and all year long. I am a flip-flop girl. I just am. However, I can't handle flip flops that aren't comfy or aren't made well. These are. And I want them. Gimme!! I am already pulling an outfit together in my mind, including these flips and the above-mentioned jeans. Ahhhh... comfy.

I hope that this week's Gimme That Thursday helped you find some favorites, too!! See you next week! And as always, I'll leave you with this reminder: I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



Dianna said...

Shauna, Maybe its b/c i grew up at the beach, but this is totally my style!! to bad you live on the other side of the country :( I would love a pedi and lemonade! so please send me one of everything in this post!!heh ~Dianna

Angela said...

Always love your Gimme That Thursday!

Kristi said...

that is my style too!! LOVE the jeans!! Let's go shopping!!