Gimme That, Thursday

Yo. Happy Thursday, little lovelies. I hope that you are all having a good week and that fun weekend plans are ahead of you.

This week's Gimme That, Thursday is going to be a showcase of some great jewelry from my favorites list on Etsy. I hope you enjoy, and I also hope that I am introducing some great new jewelers to you - you'll love them all - super talented and fun.

First are these great loquat drop bead earrings in an awesome orange from ElloPoppet's etsy shop. I love the color and the simplicity. A fun punch of color!! You all know how much I love orange. Yum.

I adore, adore, adore this silver and concrete necklace. Isn't it wonderful? Oh, I need it! Soon! This is from Lulu Bug Jewelry's etsy shop and really, everything in there is lovely.

This leaf pendant with chain is another fun necklace that I can wear everyday, and I would if it was mine! This necklace was found in etsy's Thalassa Jewelry's shop. Go take a look around.

Another fun necklace is this sweet blossom necklace by carollai's shop MustardSeed on etsy. I love how pretty this necklace is, and how simple it is, yet still feminine. You guessed it, it's on my wishlist, too.

The Chloe Hoop Necklace is another great necklace that would look great on me and would probably make me lose 20 pounds and gain 40 IQ points or so. Maybe not, but this necklace is awesome. Go check out the rest of SparkleCouture's etsy shop. You will find tons more to love.

These Lemon Fizz Earrings are just the coolest, right? Holly Gems has the best prices and the coolest designs in her shop, which is why I like it so much. I have yet to buy a pair of earrings, but you know I want to! Soon!

One last great shop, Bellina Designs on etsy, has these great Tropic Earrings that I just love. The blue is gorgeous. I wish everything was this color. Amazing. Great prices and a fun shop! Go check it out!

I hope that this week's Gimme That Thursday helped you find some favorites, too!! Remember, MOTHER'S DAY is right around the corner, and I am sure any of the above shops have something perfect for Ma. Yes, I bet they do!

See you next week! And as always,
I'll leave you with this reminder: I want you all to know that I am not compensated to feature these goodies, I just pick 'em because I like them and I hope you guys like them, too, but if not, that's okay, and I'll still like you. Probably!



Kristi said...

I love your Gimme that Thursday!!

Amber said...

That concrete necklace from Lulu is awesome! I agree you need one!

Sara said...

these are amazing! I love those orange earrings!!

carollai said...

:) thanks for loving one of mine! love all the other stuff as well... more to look at!

Jaimee said...

Those Lemon Fizz earrings are so chic! LOVE 'EM!