mr. sandman

Is it possible for mattress salesmen to sprinkle some sort of magic glitter or crazy dream sand on your mattress before delivery? Because if it is possible, I think I am a victim of this sand sprinkling.

Ever since we got our new mattress a few weeks ago, my dreams have been insane. Like lock.me.up.insane. I have been sleeping so hard at night I don't even think I am moving at all, and when I wake up and think about the dream-world I just woke up from, I am shocked. People from the past are hanging out in my dreams, as well as random people I have maybe seen once or twice, and things are just getting bizarre.

So, if you are google searching how to counter-act the crazy dreams from the mattress man that sprinkled insane dream sand on your new plush mattress and you find something worthy of my attention, please contact me. Quickly. It's for a good cause.

Sweet Dreams. Wait. Never mind. It's 8 AM. So, have a nice day.


Sara said...

that sucks! I hope I'm not in them being a jerk or doing weird stuff.

Julie said...

I sincerely hope that I AM in them... wearing some type of leotard.

Kristi said...

I hope I am in them too...just not being creepy.