this week's menu

Gosh, am I really that desperate for a blog post that I'll post my entire week's dinner menu? Yes, yes, I guess I am that desperate. Sorry. However, if there is something on here that sounds good, let me know and I can get you the recipe if you'd like. Maybe. We'll see. I'll start from 2 days ago and really confuse you, and well, I guess let you know what I've been digesting. Is that gross? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Sorry 'bout that. Moving on...

Saturday: rustic tomato + olive pizza and salad (only I didn't make a salad)

Sunday: chicken burritos (yum) and black bean and corn salad

Monday: southwestern pork chops and asparagus w/ balsamic vinegar

Tuesday: breaded chicken tenders and spring bowtie pasta salad (different than the bowties my hubby wore as a preschooler)

Wednesday: mongolian beef and cellophane noodles (fun to play with)

Thursday: chicken + mushroom marsala with couscous (I feel so fancy writing that)

Friday: potato soup and sammies, yo


Kristi said...

mmmm!!! Chicken burritos & bowtie pasta salad? Those caught my eye!!!

Kearsie said...

Between your blog and my blog, I'm pretty sure I gained about 7 pounds.

Shauna said...

fret not, Kearsie, it's all Weight Watchers recipes here!! :)

Jill said...

Num! I especially love the little quip about your bowtie pasta being different than the fancy bow ties your Trasky darling wore to preschool! It almost makes me want to buy a bowtie for my poor son and force him to wear it to preschool, just so I can have a good embarrassing story to tell when he's a teenager!